Loyalty rewarded

first_imgUnder a blazing fall sun, against a backdrop of green grass and gold-touched trees, Allston’s Library Park received a new name in a Nov. 5 ceremony honoring one of the neighborhood’s most active and respected residents.The site just off North Harvard Street, behind the Honan-Allston Branch Library, was renamed Raymond V. Mellone Park at an event hosted by Boston Mayor Thomas M. Menino.The park was created on the one-time site of a concrete plant through a partnership among Harvard University, the Boston Redevelopment Authority, the Boston Parks & Recreation Department, the Boston Public Library, and members of the Allston-Brighton community.“I just wanted to say how excited Harvard is to invest in creating this park and to bring a world-class architect to a world-class community vision and now, today, to have it named on behalf of a world-class community leader,” said Christine Heenan, vice president for Harvard Public Affairs & Communications, just before Mellone was introduced to a cheering crowd of about 100 people. “On behalf of the entire Harvard community, it’s an honor to be here and to be part of this park,” she said.Mellone, a native of Brighton and a Korean War veteran who served for three mayors on the Rent Control Board, the Transportation Department, and other Boston agencies, choked up when he expressed his appreciation. “I don’t think I’m the only one who ever did anything for the community; unfortunately there are not more parks to dedicate to individuals,” he said, as his wife, Barbara, looked on.Menino praised Mellone’s long commitment to public service, saying, “I think he has been part of every task force that has ever been created in Allston and Brighton.” Menino singled out Mellone’s thoughtful style: “It’s not just what Ray has done, it’s how he does it. … Ray is always respectful even in the most heated debates and he never ever would embarrass you; he would say, ‘Mayor, let’s talk about this,’ or ‘City councilor, let’s figure this out.’”Facing Mellone, Menino said, “I am happy that future generations will know how much we respected you for making this park, this neighborhood, what it is today.”State Rep. Michael J. Moran (D-Brighton) also cited Mellone’s respect for “process and people.”“It would be impossible to stand here and talk about all the things that Ray has done over the past 50 years,” he said.The park, which opened in July, was built by Harvard on 1.74 acres of vacant land that was once part of the original Charles River marshland, and later the site of the McNamara Concrete Co. The land, donated by Harvard to Boston, has been transformed into an oasis of open space, with plantings, rosebushes, a hill, winding paths, benches, and a dramatic misting fountain built with three large granite lion heads, salvaged from a business on Western Avenue.Harvard also committed to 10 years of park maintenance using sustainable techniques such as organic fertilizer. The park’s planning and design team included the landscape architectural firm Michael Van Valkenburgh Associates Inc. and representatives from Harvard and the Boston Redevelopment Authority.The naming ceremony was a joyous occasion for 82-year-old Rita DiGesse, who played in the vacant land as a child and who later complained to the Environmental Protection Agency about the dust from the closed cement plant. When the park was first proposed, “I stood up and said they could build it upside down and it would be better than what’s here,” she said. “Now they couldn’t have made it any better. It’s absolutely wonderful.”Resident Wayne MacKenzie called the park “a dream come true.” He praised the move to name the park after Mellone, whose family has been a fixture of the neighborhood for many years and who “has worked hard for the neighborhood and reflects the neighborhood very well.”Mellone’s service to the community includes leading the board of directors for the Vocational Advancement Center in Brighton, chairing the Allston-Brighton Planning and Zoning Advisory Committee, and representing Allston-Brighton on several local task forces, including, as chairman, the Harvard Allston Task Force since its inception.“I just wanted to say how excited Harvard is to invest in creating this park and to bring a world-class architect to a world-class community vision and now, today, to have it named on behalf of a world-class community leader,” said Christine Heenan, vice president for Harvard Public Affairs & Communications.last_img read more

Recognized as a force for change

first_img“We present the Radcliffe Medal to an individual who has been a powerful and impressive force for change, someone who takes risks and forges ahead. These are hallmarks of Radcliffe.”Lizabeth Cohen, dean of the Radcliffe Institute for Advanced Study, made this statement in announcing that Ruth Bader Ginsburg, associate justice of the Supreme Court of the United States, is this year’s Radcliffe Medal recipient. Ginsburg will be honored at a luncheon on May 29 during Radcliffe Day, an annual celebration of Radcliffe.“Throughout Justice Ginsburg’s career, she has worked to advance equality and justice. On Radcliffe Day, we honor her values and her impact as a litigator, judge, and justice,” said Cohen, who is also the Howard Mumford Jones Professor of American Studies.The luncheon will include remarks from retired Associate Justice David H. Souter ’61, LL.B. ’66. Kathleen M. Sullivan, J.D. ’81, will conduct an in-depth conversation with Ginsburg about her work as an advocate and a jurist. Sullivan, a former professor of law at Harvard and Stanford universities and a former dean of Stanford Law School, is currently a partner at Quinn Emanuel Urquhart & Sullivan LLP.Roughly 1,000 people are expected to attend Radcliffe Day events. The morning panel, “A Decade of Decisions and Dissents: The Roberts Court, from 2005 to Today,” will focus on the major trends and precedents of the U.S. Supreme Court under Chief Justice John Roberts and on the court’s relationship to Congress.Moderated by Margaret H. Marshall, Ed.M. ’69, a former chief justice of the Supreme Judicial Court of Massachusetts, a senior research fellow and lecturer on law at Harvard Law School, and the 2012 Radcliffe Medalist, “A Decade of Decisions and Dissents” will feature the following panelists:Linda Greenhouse ’68, Knight Distinguished Journalist-in-Residence and Joseph Goldstein Lecturer in Law, Yale Law School, and former Supreme Court correspondent, The New York TimesMichael Klarman, Kirkland & Ellis Professor, Harvard Law SchoolLauren Sudeall Lucas, J.D. ’05, assistant professor of law, Georgia State University College of LawJohn Manning ’82, J.D. ’85, Bruce Bromley Professor of Law, Harvard Law SchoolPlease note: Radcliffe Day 2015 is at capacity. At this time, there are no additional tickets available, and tickets are required to attend Radcliffe Day 2015 in person. No walk-in attendees will be accepted. The Radcliffe Day luncheon remarks will be webcast live on May 29. The event will also be available online in June.last_img read more

Compost happens

first_imgOnce the pile has stopped heating, allow it to mature for two tothree months. Materials in the compost can be toxic to plants ifyou don’t let it mature. This can be particularly problematic ifyou use the compost in a potting mix.When the compost has matured, add it to your garden or lawn. Useit as mulch, or add it to a potting mix. Or steep it in a porousbag for 30 minutes to several hours and then water your plantswith the nutrient-rich compost tea.(George Boyhan is an Extension Service horticulturist with theUniversity of Georgia College of Agricultural and EnvironmentalSciences.) Don’t use fresh sawdust, particularly from olderpressure-treated lumber. (Older wood treatments used highly toxicarsenic compounds.) Fresh sawdust takes a long time to breakdown. It can use up nitrogen, stopping the composting.Don’t put meats, bones, grease and similar kitchen waste inthe pile. They can smell bad and attract vermin. Grease can blockair flow.Don’t add cat or dog manure. It will smell bad and maypresent a disease problem. Manures from horses, cows and chickensare OK, but handle them carefully. Neighbors might not appreciatebarnyard smells. Chicken litter, especially, has a strong ammoniaodor. By George BoyhanUniversity of GeorgiaCompost happens. Using microorganisms to decompose organic matterinto a nutrient-rich soil amendment is a great way to reducewaste and put it to good use. It happens one way or another, in a passive or active process.In the passive mode, just pile up yard and kitchen waste and letit break down naturally. In active composting, turn the pileregularly to speed up the process and keep it going.The drawbacks to passive composting are that it can take up totwo years and, if the pile doesn’t get enough oxygen, it canstart breaking down without it. That will stink.This often occurs if the pile has too much moisture and drainspoorly, particularly in times of heavy rain.Easy rotterThe upside to passive composting is it’s easy. Over time, withpassive composting, rich compost forms underneath the pile. Toaccess the compost, just remove the fresh organic matter on topand dig out the compost.Composting can be a continuous process, with new materials addedto the pile as they become available. Or, you can do it inbatches, with the proper ratio of materials combined and turnedregularly until the compost is finished.To build a proper compost pile, use the right mix of materials tostart the decomposition and keep the process going. Commercialcomposters refer to the proper carbon-to-nitrogen ratio, usuallyin the 25:1 to 40:1 range.Brown and greenAn easy way to look at this mix is the blend of brown and greenmaterials. Brown materials are rich in carbon and relatively lowin nitrogen. These include leaves, pine bark, straw and chippedor shredded wood. Leaves, twigs and branches will compost fasterif you shred or chip them before adding them to the pile.Green materials are rich in nitrogen — grass clippings, kitchenscraps, manures.When you form a compost pile, make 80 percent of the volume brownand 20 percent green for the best composting. Mix thesethoroughly to begin the process.Turning a compost pile every three to seven days makes theprocess go quickly to completion. But it’s not required.Hot’s rightYou can be sure the process is ongoing by the heat in the pile.If there’s no heat, it isn’t composting. After four to six weeks,the heat-generating process will dissipate, followed by eight to12 weeks during which the compost will mature.No composting structure is required, but a bin can help keepthings tidy. It’s easy to build one with lumber and wire.Store-bought bins and tumblers can keep materials together andaid the turning process.Some noteworthy don’ts:last_img read more


first_imgErrata September 1, 2005 Errata Errata A story in the August 15 edition of the Bar News misspelled the first name of Tana J. Stringfellow, the vice chair of the Bar’s Special Committee to Study Paralegal Regulation. The News regrets the error.last_img

Valencia LRT under way

first_imgVENEZUELAN transport authority C A Metro de Valencia gave permission on September 4 for Siemens Transportation Systems to begin construction of the city’s US$80m light rail project. Phase 1 of the turnkey package covers the 6·2 km from Parque Recreacional to Avenida Cedeño (DM 97 p57), including eight LRVs to be assembled at Siemens’ plants in Sacramento and Carson, California. Subcontractors include Rail Transit Consultants Inc for interface co-ordination, HKC Inc and Safetran Systems Corp for signalling and train control, Mass Electric Construction Co for communications, and Redondo Construction Corp of Puerto Rico for the trackwork. Financing is being provided by the Royal Bank of Canada, Westdeutsche Landesbank and Bayrische Landesbank. Caracas Metro has awarded a US$89m contract to GEC Alsthom for refurbishment of 378 French-built cars up to 15 years old. The traction controls will be overhauled, an IGBT converter will replace the static convertor for auxiliary supplies, and electric circuit-breakers will be replaced by pneumatic units. GEC Alsthom staff will oversee the work at the metro’s depots, whilst Bombardier Eurorail subsidary ANF Industrie will be responsible for bogie refurbishment. The deal includes technical assistance and staff training from consultants Systra. The first unit is due to be completed by March 1998, after which work will proceed at the rate of two vehicles per month. olast_img read more

Brexit: UK recession warning as prime minister quits party leadership

first_imgSeema Shah, Principal Global InvestorsSeema Shah, senior global investment strategist, Principal Global Investors:“At $1.27 against the dollar, sterling has weakened in recent weeks, reflecting the repricing of Brexit risk as Theresa May’s time as prime minister draws inexorably to a close. Are we pricing in a no deal Brexit at these levels? No, the market is simply indicating that the risks of a no-deal Brexit have increased.“Were that nightmare scenario to unfold, sterling closer to parity against the dollar should be expected. Discussions of a potential rate hike remain almost incomprehensible, so an increase in uncertainty and volatility suggest the most likely path for UK rates is down rather than up.” What they said…Azad Zangana, senior European economist and strategist, Schroders:“[Boris Johnson] may look to take the UK out of the EU without a deal, despite parliament voting in favour of essentially removing the option. He could do this by failing to comply with the EU’s demands that the UK should continue to follow the rules. This presumably would lead to the EU agreeing to terminate the relationship in October.“If this were to happen, we would anticipate the economy to slow and fall into recession around the turn of the year. While the Bank of England would probably cut interest rates eventually, the expected depreciation in the pound would cause inflation to spike. The household sector has already run down its safety buffer in the form of its savings rate, therefore a contraction in demand is very likely.” Silvia Dall’Angelo, Hermes Investment ManagementSilvia Dall’Angelo, senior economist, Hermes Investment Management:“The risk is that under the next leader – most likely coming from the intransigent eurosceptic wing of the [Conservative Party] – the institutional tensions between the executive and parliament will intensify, potentially generating an even more fragmented and dysfunctional political landscape.“The next stage will probably result in early general elections, but other outcomes are possible, including a second referendum and a no-deal Brexit (the latter being the default scenario under current Brexit legislation). At any rate, the Brexit situation is unlikely to be resolved any time soon, and uncertainty will persist, which will continue to weigh on the country’s economic prospects and financial assets.” Theresa May delivers her resignation speech to journalists outside 10 Downing Street“It is, and will always remain, a matter of deep regret to me that I have not been able to deliver Brexit.“It will be for my successor to seek a way forward that honours the result of the referendum. To succeed, he or she will have to find consensus in parliament where I have not.“Such a consensus can only be reached if those on all sides of the debate are willing to compromise.”center_img Economists have issued renewed warnings of a possible UK recession after prime minister Theresa May this morning announced her resignation.May, who was appointed prime minister in the immediate aftermath of the country’s 2016 referendum on EU membership, said she would resign as leader of the ruling Conservative Party on 7 June, continuing as prime minister until a new leader has been chosen to succeed her.A number of Conservative Party members have been mentioned as potential successors, with former foreign secretary Boris Johnson tipped by bookmakers as the frontrunner. Johnson has been a vocal proponent of Brexit and several commentators today warned he could push the UK towards leaving the EU without a deal.Following May’s speech this morning, sterling strengthened against the euro after several days of poor performance as traders speculated on the likelihood and implications of May resigning. The FTSE 100 index was up nearly 1% for the day as of 2pm. Ludovic Colin, Vontobel Asset ManagementLudovic Colin, head of global flexible investment, Vontobel Asset Management:“In terms of the market reaction to today’s developments, the [sterling] and UK assets will be vulnerable in the coming month. But the hard Brexit would add bad news to a landscape that is worsening already. It could trigger deeper corrections to global risky assets like equities and credit markets especially in Europe.“At the moment, investors will need to avoid UK risk in their portfolio. Even if at micro levels there are some very good companies in the UK, investors will see much better entry points in the future.”Mark Dowding, CIO, BlueBay Asset Management:“Our analysis of the current composition of parliament suggests that any new prime minister might struggle to deliver a hard Brexit through parliament with the [Conservative] majority non-existent and a number of Conservatives still firmly committed EU remainers. Consequently, we continue to look for election risks with a new prime minister seeking a stronger mandate. Should this occur, this in turn points to a material chance that there will be a Labour coalition government in place before the end of the year. “In the same way risks seem skewed to a weaker pound, so we would see risks skewed to much higher Gilt yields with such an outcome and so continue to maintain short positions in both – even if little has really happened to either UK rates or FX since the 2016 referendum in the grand scheme of things. The Brexit endgame will be in sight before the end of the year and we therefore feel the moment where these views may play out is just around the corner.”… and what she saidTheresa May, outgoing UK prime minister:last_img read more

Sagay teen nabbed for claiming to have COVID-19

first_imgLigaray was detained in the custodialfacility of the Sagay City police station, facing charges for violation ofRepublic Act 11469, or the Bayanihan to Heal as one Act of 2020, which strictlyforbids spreading false information about COVID-19./PN BACOLOD City – For claiming on socialmedia that he was positive for coronavirus disease 2019 (COVID-19), a teen wasarrested in Barangay Plaridel, Sagay City, Negros Occidental. Police identified him as 18-year-oldresident Argie Ligaray.center_img According to Sagay City acting policechief, Major Antonio Benitez Jr., Ligaray was caught around 12:30 p.m. on April13.last_img

Golden Jaguars intensify preparations

first_img… overseas-based players here and readyBy Ras WadadaTHE Golden Jaguars will hold twice-daily sessions today and tomorrow at the Leonora Stadium as they get ready to depart for Suriname to begin their third-round campaign at the weekend.The 22-man squad, which comprises 12 foreign-based players, will be cut to 20 tomorrow after the final training session, which takes place under the watchful eyes of head coach Jamal Shabazz and his assistants Wayne Dover and Andrew Hazel (goalkeeper).Early yesterday morning US-based midfielders Brandon Beresford and Wayne Creavalle as well as Mexico-based Anani Mohamed arrived in the country to join the squad and in the afternoon, they were involved in a tree-wrapping exercise at Camp and Lamaha Streets in observance of Breast Cancer Awareness Month.Chronicle Sport caught up with the trio after the ceremony and got some comments.Brandon Beresford, who plays for the Rochester Rhinos in the USL, was delighted to once again be a part of the Golden Jaguars and sees the upcoming games as crucial, “It has been a positive mood in the camp since I arrived and I am looking forward to the two games which I think will be the 2 biggest games for me as we are close to qualifying for the Gold Cup.“Although I have scored several times for Guyana at the international level and am always looking for an opening to score, this is not my primary task now, but definitely if the opportunity presents itself I will take that chance,”, the 24-year-old stated.Mohamed, who has just signed with Mexican division two side Atalante has also donned the national colours, debuting in 2011 at 19 years and is happy to be back in Guyana for the 3rd time, ”This is a fantastic opportunity, not only for my personal career, but for Guyana’s football. I am happy to finally reunite with the Golden Jaguars.“This is definitely the biggest moment of my career which began in the San Francisco Bay area and I must say we are in a good position to qualify for the Gold Cup for the first time. I am truly honoured to be part of the Jaguars again and look forward to the two games, especially the one against the Reggae Boyz.”First-timer to the Golden Jaguars, Creavalle is a 5-year MLS player with the Philadelphia Union and claims he is fulfilling a dream.“Representing Guyana is something I have always thought about in the past, so being here is like a dream come true. It is a great feeling to be in the country of my Dad’s birth for the first time and I must say I already feel connected. I am eagerly looking forward to the games and hope my experience can add to the team’s performance,” the 26-year-old central midfielder said.last_img read more

CWI continues to support the PCL

first_imgCRICKET West Indies (CWI) continues to streamline and improve the Professional Cricket League (PCL) in the region for the sake of development of the sport.The board’s initial arrangement was to fund the league for a couple years and then let the territories take over but according to CWI director and president of the T&T Cricket Board (TTCB), Azim Bassarath, “CWI has and will continue to take care of the PCL financially, in order to keep the players employed and to offer them the comfort of knowing that there is a salary there for them and they can concentrate on their cricket.“We have seen so much positives come out of this arrangement that it has been one of the better programmes put in place in West Indies cricket for a very long time now.The idea which was initially touted by the president of CWI, Dave Cameron, has really taken off and with stiff economic times being experienced all over the Caribbean, the territories found it difficult to find investors.“This by no means indicated that the PCL was not good. In fact, having discussions with investors in my capacity as president of the TTCB, many of them have indicated that the PCL is what would take West Indies cricket right back up the ladder.They have been warning though that we must continue to work the model all the time to make sure we have the right equation in place and we have been doing that at the CWI.”This year, the PCL will enter its fourth season, having bowled off in 2014. “We are looking towards another good season in the PCL and what is great to see is that the selectors are paying attention to the players who go out there week after week and represent their franchise.The path is clear for our players. All they need to do is put down the hard work, go out there and perform well and they will be playing for the West Indies.”The six franchises, hailing from each of the West Indies territories, compete in the Regional Four-Day Competition yearly.They are also automatically included in the Regional Super50 Competition, which takes place during the first quarter of each year.These competitions are to not only prepare the regional players, but also give the selectors an opportunity to efficiently select the Test and One-Day International squads respectively.The franchises are: Guyana Jaguars, Barbados Pride, Leeward Islands Hurricanes, T&T Red Force, Windward Islands Volcanoes, Jamaica Scorpions.last_img read more

Trojan tandem plays with the big boys

first_imgThe World Cup. The Super Bowl. The World Series.Every sport has its championship competition.Big stage · Daniel Nguyen, along with soon-to-be teammate J.T. Sundling, gets his shot at the US Open. – Dieuwertje Kast | Daily TrojanFor tennis, one of the more renowned and prestigious competitions is the US Open.Today, USC sophomore Daniel Nguyen and freshman J.T. Sundling will compete in Flushing Meadows, N.Y., at that very tournament.“It’s definitely one of the highlights in my tennis career,” Nguyen said.“This is definitely the coolest thing I’ve ever done,” Sundling added.It’s not much of a surprise that the two teenagers, who have known each other since they were nine, would find success as a doubles pair. Nguyen played a key role in USC’s NCAA team championship in May and while Sundling leaves high school as one of the more decorated players in the nation.To earn a wildcard entry into the tournament, the pair, who had the No. 1 seed, won the Boys 18s National Outdoor Hardcourt Championship in Kalamazoo, Mich. Each year the doubles and singles champions earn a draw in the US Open.“Well we were both really excited before we got here, but once we got here and we see how they treat all the players, it’s pretty amazing,” Sundling said.But the road to the US Open has not been easy for the Trojan duo. While they defeated their first four opponents in Kalamazoo in straight sets, semifinal competition proved to be more challenging.Nguyen and Sundling lost the first set 4-6 to Mitchell Frank and Junior Ore, but came roaring back in the second to take it 6-0. The third set ended in a 6-4 decision for Nguyen and Sundling, advancing them to the final round.The final round was no less of a challenge. With Sundling serving at 4-5 in the first set, Sekou Coker Bangoura and Nathan Pasha had several opportunities to close out the set. Sundling and Nguyen, however, fought back to take the set 7-6(2) and the next set 6-3 to secure their ticket to New York.“The semis and the finals were tough,” Nguyen said. “We almost lost the first set in the final. We were down three set points so it was really close.”Sundling and Nguyen are no strangers to the Kalamazoo tournament. Back in 2006, when the duo first teamed up, they walked away with a doubles championship in the Boys 16s age group. That should have earned them a ticket to the US Open juniors, but luck was not on their side and they did not receive the wildcard entry.This year, however, a dream becomes a reality for both Sundling and Nguyen as they take off for New York to compete against world-class tennis players.“I’ve been dreaming about it since I was a kid, being here with all the tennis players that I look up to,” Nguyen said. “Just seeing Roger Federer in the locker room and saying, ‘What’s up?’”As expected when dealing with a tournament as prestigious as the US Open, the first round competition for Sundling and Nguyen will be far from easy. First up for the Trojan duo are Maximo Gonzalez and Juan Monaco of Argentina.The Argentinean pair has enjoyed steady careers in professional tennis, with Monaco earning more than $2 million in prize money. In 2008, Monaco and Gonzalez teamed up at the US Open and reached the semifinal round before being eliminated.“We’re just going to take each match point by point and see how it goes,” Nguyen said.Former Trojan and NCAA doubles champion [with now senior Robert Farah] Kaes Van’t Hof will also compete in the US Open doubles competition.In the 2009 NCAA season, Nguyen teamed up with Abdullah Magdas in doubles en route to a team title. Magdas has since completed his eligibility and will be the only member of the 2009 championship squad not returning. Sundling, however, seems like he’ll fit in just fine on the championship team as well as possibly in the role of Nguyen’s doubles partner.“We complement each other,” Nguyen said. “He’s got a big serve and I’ve got a great return.”last_img read more