Skube and Šoštarič flying to Szeged

Mario ŠoštaričRK GorenjeStas Skube ← Previous Story SHOCK THERAPY: Chartres sack Mahe senior! Next Story → SEHA GAZPROM LEAGUE: Meshkov win in Skopje – Tatran beat PPD Zagreb! Two great Slovenian players from RK Gorenje Velenje, playmaker Staš Skube and right wing Mario Šoštarić wil join Hungarian vice-champions PICK Szeged from the summer 2016! RK Gorenje Velenje director’s Matej Avanzo stated about their departure in an interview for Šoštarič was named for the second best world’s young right wing 2014 in contest.Both players, Skube (26) and Šoštarić (23), are called for the Slovenian national team action during EHF week in November.