Snow business at Eurotek

first_imgEurotek has launched a snow removal system for frozen food manufacturers. Designed to keep evaporator fins clear of snow, it allows freezing lines to run for twice as long between defrosts.The SRS is “proving a popular option on lines dedicated to handling high volumes of high moisture products such as oven- fresh baked goods”, according to Eurotek. “Intense blasts of compressed air help to minimise snow build-up on the evaporator fins,” said Eurotek’s managing director Roger Smith. “We piloted the system with a frozen herb producer. The snow removal system meant the line could run for 22 hours between defrosts.”[]last_img

The Thessaloniki metro tunnels are finally complete

first_img Facebook Twitter: @NeosKosmos Instagram The president of Attiko Metro announced yesterday that the digging of the underground tunnels in Thessaloniki has been completed.According to Mr Yiannis Mylopoulos who proceeded to post photos on social media: “…100 per cent of the underground tunnels digging is complete, 80 per cent of the civil engineer projects have also been completed and 60 per cent of the total project that extends to connect Kalamaria with the Thessaloniki Metro has been executed as well.”“The tunnels, that will soon be used for the city’s metro train system joining the main city line with Kalamaria have been the most time consuming, technically challenging and expensive part of the project.”The placement of rails along a large part of the route underneath the city is underway and new rails are being placed every day which means this much awaited transport project is in the final stage. This will be a major improvement to Thessanoniki’s public transport network as traffic congestion has been an ongoing issue for the city’s residents.“The completion of the opening of the underground tunnels of the Thessaloniki Metro also happens to coincide with a tough moment for the country, following the tragedy in Eastern Attika,” Mr Mylopoulos told Athens News Agency, adding that “the company, in support of the victims, has contributed since day one sending 32 mechanics to assist with conducting autopsies at the areas affected as part of the Ministry of Infrastructure, Transport and Networks investigation.”To have a better look check out this video from Mr Mylopoulos’ Facebook: ΤΕΛΕΙΩΣΕ Η ΔΙΑΝΟΙΞΗ ΤΩΝ ΣΗΡΑΓΓΩΝ ΣΤΟ ΜΕΤΡΟ ΘΕΣΣΑΛΟΝΙΚΗΣ Ολοκληρώθηκε η διάνοιξη του συνόλου των υπόγειων σηράγγων του Μετρό της Θεσσαλονίκης, με την άφιξη και του δεύτερου Μετροπόντικα της γραμμής Καλαμαριάς, του Φρίξου, στο σταθμό 25ης Μαρτίου. Ενώθηκαν οι σήραγγες της επέκτασης της Καλαμαριάς και της βασικής γραμμής.Posted by Γιάννης Α. Μυλόπουλος on Tuesday, July 31, 2018last_img read more