Black Ops player gets very angry over Second Chance perk

first_img(This video contains swearing and someone talking very loudly. We suggest turning the volume down and listening through headphones)If YouTube poster Elpresador is to be believed, then the Second Chance perk included in Call of Duty: Black Ops is flawed and unfair. But you have to wonder if it’s a flaw or if he is really just not playing that well.The Second Chance perk allows a player to pull out their pistol before dying for one last shot. What Elpresador is trying to demonstrate here is that he can be killed while shooting someone with an AK47 due to the perk. Is that unfair or just damn good aiming?The comments on the YouTube video tend to suggest he just isn’t playing very well. His AK47 is aimed too high therefore allowing the target the chance to take their shot. What do you think?If nothing else the video is amusing to watch just to see how angry this guy gets. 97 yards away people, look at it!Read more at CVGlast_img read more