Pw3 Testifies in Ebrima Jawaras Trial

first_imgBy Mamadou DemAlasana Ceesay, a resident of Lancaster Street in Banjul and a carpenter by profession, yesterday, Tuesday 3 May 2016 testified at the Banjul Magistrates’ Court as the third prosecution witness (Pw3) in the ongoing criminal trial involving Mr. Ebrima Jawara, a former Coordinator of Central Projects Coordinating Unit Office (CPCU) of the ministry of agriculture.Testifying before principal Magistrate Omar Cham, Mr. Ceesay told the court that he does not know the accused person, adding that he can remember doing some work at the ministry of agriculture on 24th November, 2015. “I was called to go and open a door by one Ismaila Bojang. I opened it by using my tools, hammer, screw driver and plier,” said the witness.“Did you also try to find out why you were called to open the door with your tools?” quizzed ASP Manga, representing the Inspector General of Police (IGP). “No,” replied the witness. He added that he did not use any key to open the door.He told the court that at the time he was opening the door there were people present but could not tell how many of them, adding that after opening the door, he advised them to change the cylinder.When asked as for how long he has been a carpenter, he said it was since 1980.Pw3 said if there were keys he would not have used his tools to open the door.Under cross-examination by Lawyer Modou Drammeh, representing the accused person, the witness said he has been working for the ministry of agriculture for almost a year.However, with the consent of both the prosecution and defence, the matter was adjourned to 24th May for continuation.Prior to the testimony of the witness, police prosecutors headed by Assistant Superintendent of Police (ASP) Almameh Manga, assisted by ASP Abdoulie Njie and Sub-Inspector Abdoulie Bojang, applied to interpose the evidence of PW2, who is said to be out of the jurisdiction, and which was granted by the court without objection from the defence.Readers would recall that Mr. Jawara is standing trial on a single count charge of “Punishment for malicious injuries in general”. He denied any wrong doing.The prosecution alleges that Mr. Jawara on the 24th of November, 2015, at Central Projects Coordinating Unit Office (CPCU) situated at the ministry of agriculture in Banjul changed the locker in the coordinator’s office without lawful authority and thereby committed an offence.last_img read more

Paramount teases us with 5 mini Ghost in the Shell trailers

first_imgA movie whose rights were acquired by Steven Spielberg, is being produced by his company DreamWorks Pictures, and stars Scarlett Johansson in its lead role, is enough to sell a lot of people on insta-watching the end result. But when that movie is titled Ghost in the Shell, it has a hell of a lot to live up to.Ghost in the Shell is one of, if not the best known manga and anime series in the West. There’s been two movies, with multiple versions of each released, as well as 52 episodes of the Stand Alone Complex TV series, an OVA, novels, video games, and of course Masamune Shirow’s manga on which all this work is based.Now we have a Hollywood movie arriving in March 2017, and to keep interest high Paramount Pictures has just released 5 mini teaser trailers.The teasers give little away, but some of the scenes will be instantly recognizable to fans of the anime. Can we hold out hope that this will be a good movie? As a fan, I am not holding my breath.The original Ghost in the Shell movie tackled a number of complex issues extremely well, which were then delved into much more deeply in Stand Alone Complex and subsequent releases. Trying to re-imagine that for the masses by Hollywood, which always tries to (has to?) appeal to the widest possible audience probably won’t end well.You’ll be able to make your own mind up on March 31, 2017. For anyone new to the IP I highly recommend you check out everything that has already been released carrying the Ghost in the Shell name. You may ruin this new movie for yourself, but the quality of entertainment you’ll enjoy makes it more than worth it over waiting for this Hollywood “blockbuster.” Can you tell I’m skeptical?Here’s the fan edit of the teasers, which does improve the experience a bit:last_img read more