Imported staff fill skills gaps

first_imgRelated posts:No related photos. Comments are closed. Imported staff fill skills gapsOn 11 Nov 2003 in Personnel Today Thenumber of overseas workers granted permission to work in the UK has increasedby 13,200 in 12 months.Thelatest official figures show the number of successful applications for workpermits grew from 115,800 in 2001, to 129,000 in 2002.Therehave also been some major changes in the areas that overseas staff work in,with the recruitment drive in the NHS and skills shortages across the medicaland IT professions leading to a greater need for foreign staff. In1995, the heath services only accounted for 7 per cent of overseas workers. Nowit is top of the list with 24 per cent.Theother main sectors are computer services (17 per cent), business administrationand managerial services (13 per cent), education (8 per cent) and financialservices (8 per cent).Themajority of overseas workers come from four countries: India (21 per cent), US(11 per cent), South Africa (9 per cent), and Australia and New Zealand (9 percent). Previous Article Next Articlelast_img

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