Employment opportunities and procedures for Filipinos presented in Split

first_imgAccording to Antonija Bašić from ŽK Split, in the first half of the year over 60% of quotas were used or are in the process, and most workers are missing in tourism and catering, construction, shipbuilding. Today’s presentation is a continuation of a series of activities that the Croatian Chamber of Commerce in Split has implemented this year with the aim of supporting members in solving the problem of finding labor.  Director of the Agency for Employment Mediation of Seafarers Pasat doo, Ino Munitić, on whose initiative the presentation was organized, has the best experiences with Magsaysay, who are his long-term partners, and with the Philippine workforce. ”Given the great shortage of labor in Croatia, Filipinos represent a quality, replacement workforce, and in my experience they are calm, quiet and hardworking people. The process of bringing Filipino workers, from issuing their exit visa to issuing a work visa in Croatia, takes about a month. ” said Munitic. The only real solution is to raise wages and working conditions in tourism and focus on quality, not mass. On the other hand, we have a high VAT, a large tax burden and levies, a short season, etc.… I absolutely agree and that is why tourism is not competitive for us, but the domestic labor force is not to blame for this situation. Participants were interested in many details of the employment of Filipinos such as the duration of the recruitment process, the length of their contracts and the possibility of their employment not only in tourism and hospitality but also in other activities such as viticulture, stonemasonry or elevators. Today’s interest of Dalmatian employers in information on employment opportunities and ways of Filipinos, organized by HGK – Split County Chamber and in cooperation with Pasat, was presented by representatives of the Philippine Employment Agency Magsaysay International Corporate INC.  “In 2019, more than 65.000 permits for employment of foreign labor were approved, twice as many as in the previous year. Our quotas are higher than ever, there is a shortage of labor and this is a problem that plagues not only Croatia but also neighboring countries in the region. Therefore, colleagues from the chambers of FBiH and Montenegro are with us today, in order to share information about the possibilities and procedure for hiring the Philippine workforce.”, Said the president of the Croatian Chamber of Commerce – Split County Chamber, Joze Tomaš. One of the largest employment agencies in the Philippine workforce, Magsaysay International Corporaticon INC., Based in Manila, was presented by Marlon Ronja, President of Magsaysay People Resource Corporation, and the procedures themselves by Jay A. Fernando, Vice President and CEO of Magsaysay Global Services. Although the import of labor, especially from the Philippines, is one of the worst developments in our tourism, in a situation where there is a chronic shortage of labor, and the season has already begun, employers in tourism are ready to take such measures and adventures. In the long run, this is certainly not good because apart from going back to the root of the problem – cheap labor, not quality, workers from Asian countries cannot be ambassadors of our destination, do not spend in the local economy or plan to relocate. But if we want cheap labor, then we will have such tourism, cheap, mass, seasonal, which means that we must significantly reduce prices in all segments. As much money as there is music – says a folk proverb. Smart enough.last_img

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