Residents of Kvarner and Istria sent a public appeal to the Government of the Republic of Slovenia

first_imgAfter Istrian counties and cities, and residents of Kvarner and Istria with their Slovenian friends sent a public appeal to the Government of the Republic of Slovenia to change the approach to measures related to the entry into Slovenia of Slovenian and other citizens coming from Croatia. We socialize and cooperate in a way that preserves our health, but also our good relations. Please consider the possibility of monitoring and classifying the Kvarner and Istria regions separately, regardless of the situation in the whole of Croatia. Stay in Kvarner and in Istria can be checked in the e visitor registration system and via the mobile application “Stop Covid -19”. Finally, they conclude that omitting Istria and Kvarner from mandatory measures related to high-risk areas will help its citizens, our friends connected with Kvarner and Istria, and add a new “wind in the back” to better relations between Slovenia and Croatia now and in the future. “In these regions, the prescribed anti-epidemiological measures are conscientiously implemented, people are responsible and disciplined. That’s why we all feel safe here. Kvarner and Istria border directly with the Republic of Slovenia, the people who live here are firmly connected on both sides of the border. Families live in our two countries, people travel to work across the border every day. The traffic to Slovenia of the inhabitants of Kvarner and Istria is intensive due to the purchase of various goods, due to the use of various services as well as the traffic of the inhabitants of Slovenia to Kvarner and Istria for the same reasons. Joint EU projects from various spheres of interest are also being implemented in this area. Slovenians have their own houses and boats in Kvarner and Istria, together with friends from Croatia they go fishing, sailing, arranging the maintenance of real estate and movables. Finally, we are aware of the dangers and conscientious and responsible people who adhere to mandatory anti-epidemiological measures. All this is confirmed by the results of positive for Covid 19 virus in Kvarner and Istria and disease transmission on both sides of the border. We hold that there is no valid reason for Kvarner and Istria to be included in the red zone of danger of infection with the Covid 19 virus.”State in their public appeal the residents of Kvarner and Istria, which is spreading on social networks. In their appeal, they believe that the classification of the whole of Croatia in the red zone is not correct or justified, especially the Kvarner and Istria regions, since the entire duration of the Covid 19 virus pandemic recorded low numbers of infected people and added: Photo: Kvarner.hrlast_img

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