Cooperation between HAC, ARZ and Bina-Istra: ENC device can be used throughout Croatia

first_imgAccording to the plan, the new toll collection system should be implemented from 2022. Drivers will be able to choose whether to have a transponder (DSRC) in the car that will register their entry and exit from the highway with wireless technology or to pay the toll with the registration reading system (ALPR), which is primarily intended for foreigners, so they do not have to buy transponders arrival in Croatia.  By the way, this year HAC and ARZ merged, which led to the abolition of tolls on the Krk bridge. It is a continuation of the restructuring of the road sector, and toll booths are expected to go down in history soon, through the introduction of a new toll collection system. There are currently two new toll collection systems which will be based on a combination of billing via an enhanced version of the ENC (DSRC) and an automatic license plate reading system (ALPR). / / / New toll collection system: Electronic system DSRC and ALPR is introduced News that has passed under our radar, so it has been since August 17, 2020, except on motorways operated by ARZ and HAC, ENC users can also use them on the Istrian Y operated by BINA-ISTRA dd (includes sections Umag – Pula and Kanfanar – Matulji) without any additional registration. It is a modern electronic toll collection system with free passage of vehicles, which should completely eliminate the current crowds at toll booths, especially during the tourist season.  From 2022, toll booths and ENC devices will be abolished Finally. Thanks to the cooperation of HAC, ARZ and Bina Istra, it is now possible to get from Zagreb to Pula without stopping with one ENC. last_img

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