What happened to senior citizens’ social pension?

first_imgILOILO City – Senior citizens inWestern Visayas have been wondering where their 2019 social pensions went. According to Macapobre, DSWD-6 has sofar released the pension to 65 percent of the total number of social pensionersin the region. This must not happen again, DSWD-6stressed./PN Accordingto COA, out of the 13,190 social pensioners in Iloilo City in 2019, 420beneficiaries were found to be ineligible. This was 3.1 percent of the totalnumber of beneficiaries of the program. There are an estimated 300, 000 DSWDsocial pensioners in Western Visayas. The revalidation of beneficiariesdelayed the release of the social pension, explained the Department of SocialWelfare and Development (DSWD) Region 6. But only the following senior citizensare qualified: * those with no pension from theGovernment Service Insurance System, Social Security System, PhilippineVeterans Affairs Office, Armed Forces and Police Mutual Benefit Association,Inc. or any other insurance company The revalidated list was finalized bythe DSWD central office and the names of qualified beneficiaries were forwardedto its Region 6 office in batches, according to DSWD-6 director Evelyn Macapobre. * those with no regular support fromfamily or relatives for basic needs center_img Last year, alarmed by the Commissionon Audit’s (COA) discovery that 420 unqualified senior citizens in Iloilo Citywere included in the Social Pension Program for Indigent Senior Citizens(SPISC), DSWD ordered a Western Visayas-wide cleansing of its list of programbeneficiaries. * those who are frail, sickly or withdisability DSWD-6 hopes to complete the releaseof the 2019 social pension before this month ends. Eachof these beneficiaries received P1,500 to P4,500. Under SPISC, a monthly stipend of P500is given to indigent senior citizens to augment their daily subsistence andmedical needs. * those with no permanent source ofincome Macaprobre said it is DSWD-6 itselfthat releases the social pension; it is no longer coursed through localgovernment units. “This is the reason why the release ofthe social pension is also being done in batches,” she stressed.last_img

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