Biggest Moments of Democrat Debate in Detroit

first_imgAuthor and activist Marianne Williamson is the number one Googled candidate at the Democratic presidential candidate debate Tuesday night.She took the debate stage in Detroit along with nine other hopefuls. Williamson, who mounted an unsuccessful congressional bid in California five years ago, led searches in 49 of 50 states.Governor Steve Bullock was number one in his home state of Montana.Democratic presidential candidates addressed immigration in America.Speaking at the second Democratic Debate in Detroit, former Texas Congressman Beto O’Rourke said he would reserve the right to prosecute those who illegally cross the border.Massachusetts Senator Elizabeth Warren said needs border security border security but shouldn’t criminalize families wishing to start a new life in America. Vermont Senator Bernie Sanders said “a mother and child walking a dangerous path” to cross the border are not criminals.last_img

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