REVIEW: The 1975 delivers another promising single on love in the digital age

first_img(Photo courtesy of Wikimedia Commons / Begoña from Errenteria, España) “If You’re Too Shy” sounds straight out of a coming-of-age movie, right when the main character and their love interest suddenly fall for each other in a dreamy montage sequence. Although that sort of fanciful scene probably won’t happen while social distancing, the song still makes you want to joyfully dance in your bedroom.   Along with Thursday’s release, the band has released the tracks “The Birthday Party” and “Jesus Christ 2005 God Bless America” as singles for its upcoming album. In comparison to these mellow tracks, “If You’re Too Shy” is more rose-tinted and tech-themed. An edit of “If You’re Too Shy” was also released with backup vocals from English singer and songwriter FKA Twigs.  The 1975 is back, with its seventh single from the highly anticipated upcoming album, “Notes On A Conditional Form.” Filled with catchy lyrics and a lively saxophone, the track “If You’re Too Shy (Let Me Know)” is the type of serotonin boost that we all need right now.  The band also released a black and white music video the same day, April 23, to accompany the new single. In the video, the group plays side-by-side with frontman Matty Healy sporting a punk aesthetic and happily dancing along to the song.  Throughout the song, Healy sings about wanting to see the girl he saw on the screen, an allusion to either pornography or a girl he just met on the internet. Although he has feelings for her, she easily intimidates him: “But I see her online, and I don’t think that I should be calling / All the time, I just wanted a happy ending / And I’m pretending I don’t care ‘bout her stare / While she’s giving me a tough time.”  The song could be interpreted in different ways, especially when its bold and merry tempo enhances the risqué lyrics. In an interview with Annie Mac from BBC Radio 1’s “Future Sounds,” Healy said “It’s about the idea of chasing connection, it’s about getting naked on FaceTime … It’s the lighter version of some of the observations of what we’re up to on the internet.” center_img Although the song was formally released April 23, the band originally debuted the track during a February concert; from that moment, fans have eagerly anticipated the new single.  The single begins with a soft instrumental, jumping into an upbeat track that is energetic, fun and easy to dance to. Healy goes on to describe his relationship with a mystery girl he met online. The lyrics are provocative and lustful, especially at the chorus when Healy sings: “She said, Maybe I would like you better if you took off your clothes / I wanna see and stop thinking / If you’re too shy then let me — too shy then let me know.”  The 1975’s fourth studio album “Notes On a Conditional Form” is set to release May 22. The band has previously tackled themes of love in the digital age since their third album “A Brief Inquiry Into Online Relationships.” Their forthcoming album is a continuation of these themes, and “If You’re Too Shy” plays as a perfect introspective social commentary.  The sound of “If You’re Too Shy” is reminiscent of the band’s alternative music that appeared in its debut self-titled album. With its ’80s-inspired synth pop sound and double entendres, “If You’re Too Shy” is similar to the band’s other songs “Chocolate” and “Girls.” It’ll most likely become a 1975 classic, combining the band’s take on online love with a pop-rock style and giving us a reason to smile and dance amid quarantine. last_img

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