Mayweather-Maidana Press Conference

first_imgThe final press conference for “The Moment: Mayweather vs. Maidana” took place Wednesday in the Hollywood Theatre inside the MGM Grand.Here are the highlights:Floyd Mayweather: Lately Marcos Maidana has been making a lot of noise. Is he one of the best guys in the sport? Yes he is. But I am THE best and that’s the difference. He’s tough, he’s rugged, he’s the champion. I respect him as a man, but come Saturday you have to make me respect your fight game.We’re still wondering who’s going to solve the “May”Vinci Code. Everyone’s game plan is to come straight ahead, keep pressure, hit ‘em on the leg, hit ‘em on the hip, hit ‘em with a low blow, headbutt ‘em. I still find a way to win. They say this guy is super fast, I still find a way to win. This guy’s got a good left hook, this guy’s got a good right hand, this guy goes to the body good, I still find a way to win. This guy’s got good defense, this guy’s got the best jab, this guy throws combinations, I still find a way to win.Saturday I’ll find a way to win.Marcos Maidana: Nobody’s given anything to me. I earned this opportunity myself. I know it’s a very difficult fight, that’s why I trained like never before. Mayweather is an excellent fighter and a very difficult fighter. Like “la Raza” says, I don’t give a f–k about him!last_img

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