Chelsea asks about Guaita

first_imgThe Crystal Palace wants to renewBetween rumorology, Vicente Guaita remains focused on giving his best version with the Crystal Palace. Finished contract in 2021, but the club has already knocked on his door to try to tie his continuity. In fact, a meeting is expected to be held in the coming dates to talk openly about the possible renewal. It is not for less, since, beyond the great (Liverpool, Manchester City and Leicester) and the amazing Sheffield United, there is no Premier League team that has conceded fewer goals than Hodgson’s (28). In fact, you have to subtract four from your personal account, when you miss day 9 before the City (0-2) and the duel against the Arsenal from j.10 (2-2). Despite the bad streak in which the Crystal Palace, remains one of the great revelations of the 2019-20 Premier League. And, in part, it’s thanks to Vicente Guaita, Spanish goalkeeper who is shining with saving stops and has become an idol in Selhurst Park. His performance, without a doubt, is contributing to his team being only four points from European positions after 24 contested days. At 33 years old, he is still growing as a goalkeeper and It has aroused the interest of great clubs in England. Among them, Chelsea.As AS has learned, Christophe Lovichon, scout of goalkeepers of the London club and the confidence of the board, has asked the Guaita environment about its situation and its economic conditions in order to seek its incorporation for next June. Willy Caballero ends the contract and will not continue and, above all, Frank Lampard wants an alternative of guarantees that he fights with Kepa for the position of holder. The current goal of Crystal Palace is an ideal candidate for it, although it will have to mediate negotiation between clubs so that the movement could take place.Chelsea, however, he is not the only major in England who has asked about the situation of Guaita. AS already informed at the end of December that the Manchester City It follows very closely. Like the blues, Guardiola has a staff member with an elite goalkeeper like Ederson Moraes and a veteran that could leave the entity (Claudio Bravo). Therefore, they follow the track of the Spanish goalkeeper who responds to two conditions: having sufficient level to earn the position and a veteran role that can respond to adverse moments. The West Ham also asked, looking forward to next summer.Guaita, in a Crystal Palace match. Statistics recognizes GuaitaThe goalkeeper is the one with the best percentage of stops of the entire Premier, with 74.4% and more than 60 interventions as a guarantee. A fact, at least, revealing, but not the only one. According to advanced statistics, Guaita is also the best of the English championship in the comparison between goals that should have fit with those he has finally received. This study measures the quality of chances of the opponent, accurate shots, positions, relationship with the middle level of other goalkeepers … A complex system that places Guaita with a +6.28. In other words, he receives six goals less than it would be normal for him to fit. No one shadows him. It’s more, Dubravka, Newcastle’s goal, is second in this record with +4.71. From Gea it has a -2.65; Log, a -1.33; Gazzaniga, a -2.88 …Guaita is already fully adapted to the Crystal Palace and the numbers endorse it. It was difficult for him to enter dynamics when he arrived at the club in the summer of 2018-19. It wasn’t until the day 17 when he settled in the post, encountering obstacles such as the early elimination of his team in the third round of EFL Cup. But remained constant in training and assumed the role of holder, which has not been downloaded so far. He has always considered that his style adapts to English football and the Premier League organization also considers it. On days 16 and 17 of the current campaign he was named as ‘Man of the Match’ and was part of the team of the week. More reasons for the greats to notice him. Maybe in summer it is time to decide between the Palace goal or make the leap to a great …last_img

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