Simeone was never out of Champions in the second round

first_img2017-182nd46137one3292. 3Griezmann (7) 2013-142nd54173one521438Diego Costa (19) Atlético on day 21 Pos.Pts.GANDPGFGCDGMax. goal scorer 2014-153rd47fifteentwo443twenty2. 3Griezmann (10) 2019-205th3699322148Morata (7) 2012-132nd47fifteentwo442twenty-onetwenty-oneFalcao (18) 2018-192nd44128one321319Griezmann (10) 2016-174th39eleven643616twentyGriezmann (8) The draw against Leganés has left Simeone in an absolutely unknown situation for him since he is coach of Atlético. This out of the Champions positions (It is 5th), and that has happened in the eight seasons that has begun, but never exceeded the equator of the League. In the previous seven courses, The team completed all the second laps, from start to finish, in the top four. Now, after the 21st day, it’s time to go back.The numbers therefore confirm the sensations: Atleti lives its worst league moment since the Cholo. To compete for the title and, as a lesser evil, to be assured to finish in the top three – was runner-up of the last two leagues – to consider that he will have to sweat to get into Champions, then the Seville and the Getafe they have passed him and the Real society and the Valencia They stalk two points. And on Saturday, the Atleti visits the Bernabéu. 2015-162nd48fifteen3330822Griezmann (11) In the 2016-17 He spent several days of the first round out of Champions (in the 16th it was sixth), but it closed fourth and finished the third League. At no time did he doubt that he would not finish on the podium. In the 2015-16, his worst place was sixth (after 3 games) and day 7 was the last one that closed out of the Champions League. In the 12th he placed second and from there he did not fall until day 37. In the 2014-15, was installed permanently among the first four on day 10 and finished third.In the 2013-14, that ended the trophy in the mattress cabinets, was all season between the first three; The last ten days as leader. And in the 2012-13 he started ninth (draw against Levante), but on the next day he was already fourth and between 3 and 26 it was second. That is, the classification was always looked at with the peace of mind that getting into the Champions League was a challenge that was taken for granted. At that level, Simeone raised Atlético, that being fourth has been taken for granted. Now, in the transition season, he did not doubt that this goal would be achieved, but right now the numbers send him to the Europa League. There are 17 days left, plenty of time, but the team will have to start scoring goals so as not to get into a mess … Alone on 11-12 he was (always) out of the head quartet, but Cholo started competing in January and with the tenth team. Finished fifth, two points from Malaga and the impression that he only lacked some time to complete the assault on the Champions area. Since that, He had no trouble qualifying Year after year for the highest European competition: 3rd, 1st, 3rd, 3rd, 3rd, 2nd and 2nd.Last year, where there were also some doubts in the fall, the last day the team spent outside the Champions League was the ninth, after drawing at Villarreal’s house. It took a week to return and no longer came out, to advance almost the entire second round in second position. Two years ago, on day 4 I was fifth, but he entered a week later and the Christmas break left second, from where he did not come down.last_img

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