“This is where uncles are seen; children, to put them aside …”

first_imgWhat happened to the team to enter this bad streak? “Football are results and the team has not changed in many things. We have lost games playing well, as against Levante. We played a great game but we were not fine in the face of the goal. The goal ends up penalizing you. The team has continued to work and that’s the best way. That’s the way we are. When the results do not go with it, it’s easy to talk. We’re looking forward to playing, talking less. We have an ideal opportunity to hit the table by winning. There’s no time to lament, that’s why we forces us to continue working with the same desire. The results just arrive “.Do you feel more respected at the arbitration level in Europe than in Spain?“Persecuted perhaps not. The philosophy at arbitration level in Europe is different from the Spanish, they are more permissive in certain things. I have been taking care of the relationship with the referees and except the anecdote of the previous chapter, which I think is something personal, I think I have a good relationship with the referees. “Lack of goal “The opinion is respectable, but we have all the season and nobody talked about lack of goal. If they did not put the top were the back. In recent games we have not grown up of opportunities, I think it is opportunistic. The team does many things positive and I don’t think we miss the goal because we haven’t done it during the season. “Remove Guardiola. “I have a lot of respect for him, he is a great coach with a lot of experience and his numbers speak. What motivates us is the Champions League and the next thing is to beat the City. Beating Guardiola is casual, it is not a plus. The motivation over us, just we think about going on. If we win a joke, it could fall, but the motivation is to listen to that hymn and move on to the next phase. “Renewal. “They have been talking about it for a few weeks and we go through the great club for a moment in all aspects, so there is no hurry from anyone. We will come to an understanding regardless of what the club wants. I understand that with a certain age make it a year. They are trying to create a distancing with the club that does not exist, we are thinking about the Champions League and LaLiga. If the club wants me to continue, here I will continue. “Possible penalty. “I don’t think he said anything out of place or disrespected. We live in a democratic country where you can say what you think. I don’t think the limit we must not cross has passed.” Motivate as captain. “We try to forget the latest results, which have not been good, but it is the same. Regardless of how we arrived in the Champions League you can go wrong and end up making a great game. It will be a very hard duel against a complicated opponent. It will be a special day.”Bale, headline ?. “As captain I am not to judge what players do in their personal lives. We are older and professional to know what we have to do.”Hazard. “That he recovers as soon as possible because it will be important in the coming years and that the more players are available to the coach, the better. That Zizou does not know who to put is good.”He also appeared at the press conference in Istanbul. There Madrid was also going through a pothole … “It was the group phase and some bad result, because I like to go out and show my face. I feel more comfortable when things go wrong than when they go well. The most delicate moment comes because the margin of error is minimal. An error against City or in the League on Sunday can cost you a title. A lot of pressure is generated and this is where you really see the uncles, the children have to be left aside. It is a week to demonstrate and you have to talk in the field and not out. “Sanction to the City. “Maybe when you see that it can be the last in years it can be an extra motivation. Fortunately it is something we do not have to live. The Champions League is special and a very good focus for great players, both for good and for bad.” .Defensive strength. “We will try to continue in the previous dynamic, with few spaces between the lines and attentive to aid, perhaps in that we have placed little emphasis. It is not just a thing of the back, just like when we win we do it all.”Fears. “The greatness of this club is to reset you every year and not settle for what you have won or what you have not. You cannot be lamenting. You cannot have that fear of being eliminated. Have the utmost respect for the opponent, but convinced that things will go well, then many things can happen but the opponent can not notice any weakness. “Nerves in last games. “We are going to try to resolve these matches before the last minutes. Even the games that we didn’t win did good things. We have to be critical and try to improve. When there is a result that is not good and in those last minutes at the Bernabéu it is created a rewarding energy, but if we do not live it better. We must not be uneasy if the goal does not come, because Madrid is difficult to forgive facing the goal. You can do a game or two, but more is difficult. “Unresolved at home. “In the end when the results do not come out at home, it is a feeling that you are indebted to the fans. That uneasiness is transmitted to the players and it is put against them, but many times we feel in debt because we like them to go home happy The pressure is this shield, the one who signs here knows it, it is an added pressure that goes into everything, it is what makes you different and makes you great. “Zidane, never eliminated in the Champions League. “He is the first who knows how to handle the nerves. We will try to continue not falling eliminated in this phase, but we have a very complicated opponent. Be ourselves, play with the same personality and not be afraid of the rival.” Sergio Ramos attended the media at the press conference prior to the first leg of the Champions League round of 16 against Manchester City. The captain of Real Madrid analyzed the white news.What goes through the head in the Champions League? “The Champions League is always special, the anthem is an extra motivation for the players and the fans. It is no coincidence that we have that historic record. There are plenty of words. It is a privilege for me to play Champions League games. It is exciting and motivating.”last_img

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