Bulka’s crack: Hazard’s fondness for pizza, Courtois’s ego, Morata’s blockade …

first_imgAbout the goalkeeper’s partner in Real Madrid and the Belgian national team. Eden Hazard said that at 7 white his favorite dishes are pizzas and hamburgers. “He loves hamburgers and pizza. I saw him all the time in pizzerias. In Chelsea this was not a problem but In Real Madrid, especially after the last injury, it may be slightly exceeded by weight. Nothing matters more than football and having a good time, “said the goal.Morata and his bad time at ChelseaMorata had a bad mood during his time at Chelsea that he acknowledged that affected his performance. “I had a blockage in my head and I didn’t want to talk to anyone. I didn’t want to listen to anyone. I just wanted to stay at home.” It’s probably not depression, but almost …, “he said in Mirror. Bulka also spoke about that block. the goalkeeper with whom he trained daily at Chelsea. “He had a bad time at Chelsea. The hatred of the fans affected him and it showed even in training. It was easy to stop his shots, he had a mental block. Sometimes it was even vindictive. When he gets angry, he shoots as if he wanted to kill the goalkeeper, “he explained.Bulka also recalled an anecdote that Morata told him when he trained with Casillas at Real Madrid. “Once his shot took off Iker’s cap and he started laughing. He told me that after training, Casillas approached him, hit him in the face and said: “You can score a goal, but don’t make fun of me,” he added. And several other partners …Bulka did not cut himself on YouTube and thought of more characters from the world of football with whom he has coincided for better and for worse. He told several internal jokes of the Paris Saint-Germain and Chelsea costumes with Neymar, Mbappé, Cesc Fábregas, etc. Marcin Bulka, PSG goalkeeper from the lower categories of Chelsea, granted an interview to the Polish YouTube channel Foot Truck in which he criticized several teammates and former teammates with whom he has coincided in elite football. The Polish was quite tough with three of his former teammates at Chelsea and now in Spanish football: Álvaro Morata, Eden Hazard and Thibaut Courtois.The Belgian goalkeeper was accused of being an egotist. “He has a lot of ego. If he makes a big mistake, he approaches the coach and begins to say:” This defender was badly placed, he should have done this … “He never accepts that it was his fault. same, “said the PSG. With Courtois he also agreed on a recording of a spot for the GoPro video camera brand in which the Belgian laughed at his English. “We made a video for GoPro in the goal. They wanted me to say something to the fans in English but I was very nervous and was not able to say a phrase well. He laughed a lot at me. In the end, I said things in Polish, “he acknowledged with laughter. Although he criticizes his attitude, Bulka thinks he looks like him in his playing style.” I think I look like Courtois stopping even though I’m better off with my feet. Thibaut is not bad but sometimes he does not want to risk and generates a dangerous play for himself. There are days where it is unbeatable. ” Say Maria: “Motherfucker (sic). He loves to joke and hesitate to everyone. He has a very funny training routine. Every day it does exactly the same. In the gym, you always have to use the same bike. Once in the showers there were seven empty ones and Mitchel Bakker was showering where he used to use him. Angel did not want to shower in another and told Bakker to leave. I had to explain to Mitchel that this was Di Maria’s shower because Angel doesn’t speak French after seven years in France. When leaving the shower, it always dries the same, first the shoulders, then the legs and the head. He hates his stage at United. He doesn’t have a good memory there. Every time he sees that they put some United game on some screen he goes and removes it. “Mbappé: “When you accelerate, you can’t do anything. He’s a great guy and he talks a lot. When I arrived at PSG, Meunier let me know.” Mbappé talks a lot. Sometimes, you can move on because he will surely be talking alone. “Neymar: “He loves to change his hair. One day he came with a cap and, suddenly, took it off and had put on dreadlocks. I thought:” Shit, is Bob Marley alive? “. He has his rituals. He dances before the games. be some Brazilian dance. “Verratti: “You see him play and you think he has a camera to see what’s going on in the back of the head. Once, returning from a game, we were at the airport sitting in front of a screen announcing the departures. When a flight to Barcelona left, the master told us: “Guys, watch Neymar.” When another one left for Ibiza, he released: “Guys, check out Marco.”Cesc: “He once told a goalkeeper:” If you stop me a penalty, I give you one of my cars. “The goalkeeper did not stop him but, on another occasion, he made the same bet with Willy Caballero. He said:” If you stop me a penalty, I buy you a Range Rover. “Willy stopped him and, the next day, Cesc brought him a Range Rover of the 90s with all the windows broken, a door that fell, without mirrors …” There you have your Range Rover, “he told Willy.”Sarri: “You can do a specific training for a week. Corners, faults, outings … You have many exercises to counterattack or for other things that can be boring. You do not lead a way of life too healthy. You smoke three packages a day and drink coffee like crazy. You can smoke a pack at a coffee break. I’m a little worried about what will last if it stays that way. “Ross Barkley: “There was an internal joke with him in the group. When he did something wrong in the training, Sarri yelled in his hoarse voice for cigarettes:” RRRRROROOOOSSSSSS. “Even we shouted like that. Once, he was sitting next to him on a Sparti talk in which Sarri was very hot. Suddenly, the phone rang. I silenced him, but Sarri turned to us very angry and shouted: “RRRRRROOOOOOSSSSSSSSS!”Kanté: “He always wants others to shine. I think if he ran a marathon he would win the guy who went down two hours (Kipchoge). Drive a Mini and carry an old Samsung with a broken screen. Everyone asks him why he doesn’t buy a new one. He always answers “if it works, why do I want a new one?”Meunier: “He’s very smart. You can talk to him about a lot of things that have nothing to do with football and he always has something interesting to say. He told me that he once coincided in an event with a group of rappers and they had to change the subject of conversation every 15 seconds because they didn’t fit any topic “Kurzawa: “He has Polish roots and always corrects journalists when they mispronounce his name. Once I asked him if he knew what ‘kurwa’ meant in Polish (in Polish it is used for the expression ‘fuck, …’ and to say ‘whore’ or ‘slut). He said no but that he would ask his mother. “Cech: “I was always super concentrated. The Chelsea coaches told me that I used to do math exercises before the games because it helped him focus.”last_img

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