Parfaite Harmonie Health Centre neglect continues

first_img…Minister Cummings slams officials for misinformationDrug shortage, poor water supply, and a bushy compound are just some of the issues residents of the La Parfaite Harmonie Housing Scheme have been forced to endure for the past four months, when accessing medical services at the La Parfaite Harmonie Health Centre.The La Parfaite Harmonie Health CentreThe regional administration is being accused of neglecting the medical facility since the last time it was cleared in September 2017, when this publication reported on the insanitary conditions: where the washroom had no doors, no proper flowing water, continued shortage of drugs, rude nurses, and grass as tall as 4 feet in some sections of the compound.Some of the issues were rectified to facilitate a visit from Junior Public Health Minister Dr Karen Cummings a few days after the issues were revealed. During her visit, the Minister praised the Regional Administration for maintaining the facility in spite of unsanitary conditions.However, since the weeding for that visit, the compound is yet to be cleared again, and the grass is over four feet tall at this point.On Friday, Guyana Times visited the La Parfaite Harmonie Health Centre, and was informed that the nurses would arrive at work for 09:00hrs, as opposed to 08:00h, like other health centres.Junior Public Health Minister, Dr Karen CummingsThis newspaper was also told that residents have on numerous occasions been refused treatment due to the lack of drugs and vaccinations for babies. In addition to drugs and medical supplies, the washrooms in the facility are not working. A source related that nurses would have to fetch water from a pipe at the front of the health facility to flush the toilet.When contacted, Minister Cummings told this publication that her officers informed her that the facility is in pristine condition, and she said that at no time was she made aware of the overgrown bushes. The minister related that it is tough for the Ministry to be aware of the issues plaguing the health care system, since they rely on the officers to report these matters.“We have these officers stationed, and we are relying on them to tell us when something is wrong. The last I spoke to our officers in the Region, they did not relate that information to me, because I asked about it. I will have to contact the DREO (Deputy Regional Executive Officer) and the REO (Regional Executive Officer) for them to explain what it going on. It is absolutely wrong for them to be telling us everything is okay when it is not,” Minister Cummings noted. “I have to visit the West Demerara (Regional) Hospital next week or the following week, and I will be meeting with them to address this issue once again. The last time I went there, I observed the place was clean and I commended them, but I don’t know what is going on with them. They are boasting about 100 per cent works completed and then we are getting these reports,” she added.In relation to the issue of drug shortage, the minister explained that the region has the supplies but quite often there would be delays in delivering the drugs and supplies to the facilities, and that is something the ministry is to address.“For the first time, we have has tenders for drugs for 2018, and that is before the beginning of the year; so we have enough drugs, but we are just working on the delivery of those supplies,” she explained.The Regional Administration is contending that it is not responsible for the Parfaite Harmonie Housing Scheme, since it is still under the control of the Central Housing and Planning Authority (CH&PA).However, REO Dennis Jaikarran had earlier told Guyana Times that the Malgre Tout/Meer-Zorgen Neighbourhood Democratic Council (NDC) would assist in clearing the compound of the health care facility.Taking over schemesOn Thursday, Jaikarran said the Regional Administration is currently negotiating with the CH&PA to have the La Parfaite Harmonie and Tuschen Housing Schemes managed by the local organs.“For a number of years now, these schemes (La Parfaite Harmonie and Tuschen Housing Scheme) have been established, and it has been recognised that there is a need for improved infrastructural work. So, if these schemes are handed over, (they) can be covered under the Regional Democratic Council (RDC) and Neighbourhood Democratic Councils (NDCs),” Jaikaran said during an interview with the Department of Public Information (DPI).He explained that because the schemes do not fall under the purview of the Regional Administration, the administration is unable to provide critical maintenance of the communities. Additionally, he noted that when the schemes are handed over, residents would be in a better position, since they would be able to pay their rates and taxes and have services delivered through the Neighbourhood Democratic Councils. (Lakhram Bhagirat)last_img

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