Vermont gets an ‘A’ for financial security of families

first_imgIndividuals and families in Arizona, South Carolina and the Delta states of Mississippi, Louisiana and Arkansas lag behind the rest of the country in key aspects related to their financial stability, including measures of net worth, homeownership and housing affordability, business ownership, health insurance coverage and academic achievement. These states received an overall grade of “F” on the 2009-2010Assets & Opportunity Scorecard, which rates states not only on poverty and job figures, but also on a broad set of categories and measures related to sustained prosperity. The Scorecard was released today by the Corporation for Enterprise Development (CFED), a national economic nonprofit.CFED’s Assets & Opportunity Scorecard — online at — measures the financial security of families in the United States by looking at the whole picture of asset ownership and protecting against financial setbacks. The Scorecard ranks the 50 states and the District of Columbia on 58 performance measures in the areas of Financial Assets & Income, Businesses & Jobs, Housing & Homeownership, Health Care and Education. In addition, the Scorecard also assesses states on the strength of its policies to help individuals and families build financial security.”As the country recovers from this recession and tries to build a more durable and robust economy, decision makers need to look at a broad picture of where Americans stand, and what policies are in place to address economic vulnerabilities. The Scorecard provides that perspective,” said CFED President Andrea Levere. Levere also pointed out that every state has weak areas, and that even the states that received “F” grades perform well in some categories.Nationally, the Scorecard notes that even before the current recession, economic vulnerability was increasing, especially among low- and middle-income families. Among the findings:While U.S. households overall registered a 27% increase in net worth between 2004 and 2006, median net worth fell during that period for the 40% of U.S. households earning less than $37,000 a year.The number of individuals with employer-provided health insurance fell sharply, to 60.9% from 63.2%, leaving more Americans vulnerable and financially unprepared for health emergencies.Between 2006 and 2008, median amount of revolving debt, including credit card debt, rose 64% from $1,805 to $2,960.While more than one in eight households live below the federal income poverty line, nearly double that amount (22.5%) are asset poor, meaning they have insufficient assets to stay out of poverty for three months in the event of job loss. More than 14% of American households live in extreme asset poverty, meaning they have zero or negative net worth.For every dollar in wealth held by white households, African-American households have 10 cents and Latino households have 15 cents.The national leaders on the 2009-2010 Scorecard — those states that earned an overall “A” in performance measures — were Hawaii, Iowa, Kansas, Maine, Massachusetts, Minnesota, New Hampshire, Vermont, Washington and Wyoming. Grades and detailed data for all states is available at comparing the states, the Scorecard not only highlights the strengths and weaknesses of each state, but it also exposes the wide differences between states on a number of items directly tied to financial prosperity. Some of the findings include:More than 22% of jobs in this country are in occupations that pay a median wage that is insufficient to raise the earner’s household above the poverty line. In West Virginia, 38.5% of jobs are low-wage. Washington, D.C. has the lowest percentage of low-wage jobs at 7.2%.The highest homeownership rate is in Minnesota (nearly 75%) while New York has the lowest homeownership rate at 53%.The average home in Kansas costs about twice the median income of a Kansan; in Massachusetts, the average home runs six times the state’s median income.89.6% of employers in Hawaii offer health care benefits to their employees compared with only 40.1% of those in Montana.More than 91% of the people in Massachusetts have health insurance while only 72.5% of Texans are insured.The Scorecard includes a detailed look of state-to-state information on 12 policy priorities that can help residents build and protect assets. Information on each of these policies — which range from first-time homebuyer assistance and payday lending protections to college savings incentives and access to health insurance — is available While every state has enacted at least a handful of these policies, the Scorecard’s assessment of these policies shows there is significant room for improvement.”These policy priorities are not radical ideas, but things that many states are trying right now,” Levere said. “But when we look at the funding, the scope of their efforts and the enforcement of regulations, we find that in most cases states haven’t been putting a very strong commitment into their efforts.”As part of its Scorecard work, CFED has formed partnerships with advocacy organizations in 25 states to utilize theScorecard to educate policy makers and the public on policies that can help Americans build and protect assets and financial security, and to improve policies at the state level.CFED expands economic opportunity by helping Americans and their children build assets, save for the future, start and grow businesses, pursue education and become homeowners. We identify, refine and help realize good ideas and develop partnerships to promote lasting change. We bring together community practice, public policy and private markets in new and effective ways to achieve greater economic impact. Established in 1979 as the Corporation for Enterprise Development, CFED works nationally and internationally through its offices in Washington, DC; Durham, North Carolina; and San Francisco, California.To stay up-to-date on the latest news from CFED, follow us on Twitter at is external).To view the Multimedia News Release, go to: is external)(Photo: is external) )Source: CFED. WASHINGTON, Sept. 21, 2009 /PRNewswire/ —last_img read more

Vermont Yankee’s $60 million dilemma

first_img NRC makes Vermont Yankee license renewal official | Vermont … Mar 21, 2011 … In a letter dated March 21, 2011, US Nuclear Regulatory Senior Project Manager Robert Kuntz notified Michael Colomb, Entergy Vermont Yankee … Aug 27, 2002 … Vermont Yankee finally sold to Entergy by Robert Smith The deal had more than its share of up and down moments, but the sale of the Vermont … Northstar Vermont Yankee,By Kate Duffy, Vermont Business Magazine. Entergy Nuclear has a $60 million decision to make ‘ whether to invest in refueling Vermont Yankee, even though a federal judge refused to issue a preliminary injunction assuring the company it could continue operating the plant while its lawsuit against the state is pending. US District Court Judge J Garvan Murtha denied the request for a preliminary injunction in a decision issued Monday afternoon. He said Entergy failed to prove during a two-day hearing in June that it would suffer ‘irreparable harm’ before the case, schedule for trial in September, is decided.During the hearing, Entergy’s lawyers argued that without an injunction that would let it plan for future operations, the company may be forced to shut down the plant before its current license expires in March. It would be unlikely to make a $60 million investment in fuel rods without an indication from the court that it might win its case. ‘Entergy, while it has raised the possibility, has not persuaded the Court that a decision to shut down is likely and imminent,’ Judge Murtha wrote in the 18-page decision. Entergy is suing the state in federal court over whether a law that effectively gives the Legislature the right to shut down a licensed, operating nuclear power plant is constitutional. Vermont Yankee, the state’s only nuclear power plant, is slated to shut down on March 21, 2012, at the end of its original 40-year operating license. Citing the plant’s age and history of radioactive leaks, last year the Senate voted 26 to 4 not to allow the Public Service Board to issue a certificate of public good to let the plant operate beyond its scheduled shut-down. In March, the Nuclear Regulatory Commission, which regulates all of the nation’s 104 nuclear power reactors, approved a license extension that would allow the plant to continue generating power for another 20 years. Entergy says the plant is safe and reliable and should be allowed to continue operating. It had hoped a preliminary injunction would allow it to do so while the case is pending. Vermont Attorney General Bill Sorrell, a Democrat, said the state had won an important battle but still has a war to wage. ‘This was a nice win, but really what’s better is that the preliminary injunction was not issued,’ Sorrell said. ‘If one had been granted, that would have been a devastating blow to us because it would have required the finding by the judge, based on his understanding of the facts and the law, that it was likely that Entergy would prevail on the merits of the case as a result of the trial. We would have been really knocked backwards if that were the case.’ In ruling on the failure to prove irreparable harm, Judge Murtha did not address whether he thought Entergy could win its suit based on the merits of its case. ‘I was a little bit surprised that he so carefully skirted the merits,’ said Pat Parenteau, an attorney and professor at Vermont Law School who has been closely watching the case unfold. ‘He gave a few hints of what’s troubling him and things he wants to see addressed at trial. It’s like reading tea leaves in the opinion. But I was not at all surprised he found no irreparable harm.’ Parenteau noted it is extremely difficult to prove irreparable harm in a case like this. Instead, he noted the judge fast-tracked the case, scheduling the trial for September 12-14, in order to address the merits of the case and make a final decision. ‘The judge expressed no views whatsoever on the constitutional issues that Entergy has raised,’ Parenteau said. ‘Reading between the lines, what I see is a judge who believes the state has a right to close the plant for the proper reasons, but a judge who is not 100 percent convinced the state has done that.’ In a statement issued to reporters, Vermont Yankee spokesman Larry Smith said the company is ‘disappointed in the outcome.’ He made no indication of whether it will buy the fuel needed for the plant ‘ a decision he previously had said would have to be made by July 23. ‘Our request for a preliminary injunction was about keeping the plant’s workers employed, the plant running safely and the electric grid reliable until this case is resolved. In the upcoming days, we will be evaluating Judge Murtha’s opinion and assessing the company’s near-term options.’ RELATEDCourt denies preliminary injunction in Vermont Yankee caseThe Federal District Court for the District of Vermont issued a decision Monday evening in favor of the State of Vermont and denied Entergy’s request for a preliminary injunction that would have prevented the State from enforcing its laws during the pendency of the litigation. In a prepared statement, Attorney General William Sorrell called the decision ‘a very good first step in an important case.’  Mar 3, 2010 … Vermont Yankee engineers and technicians continue their investigation into the source of tritium in the plant’s Vermont Yankee finally sold to Entergy | Vermont Business Magazine Vermont Yankee narrows search for tritium leak | Vermont Business …last_img read more

Chile, Canada Support Honduras’s Security Reform Commission

first_img On June 1, Honduran President Porfirio Lobo installed a security commission to purge the police, infiltrated by organized crime, the Public Prosecutor’s Office, and the judicial system, with the assistance of two experts from Chile and Canada. “We all celebrate the full installation of the commission,” Lobo said at the ceremony inaugurating the work of the body, which has no time limit to complete its task. “We Hondurans face many challenges, but the security challenge ties us down from being able to generate the economic growth and income that our people need,” Lobo stressed. The president urged the police, the Public Prosecutor’s Office, and the judicial branch “not to see (the commission’s work) as an intervention, but as a necessity, so that we Hondurans can have strong (…), transparent, and ethical institutions.” Honduras is confronting a serious security problem, with a homicide rate of 82 per 100,000 inhabitants, the highest in the world, according to a United Nations report. Lobo named university professors Víctor Meza, Matías Funes, and Omar Casco to the commission, while Chile sent Aquiles Blu, and Canada sent Adam Blackwell (also representing the OAS), at the Honduran president’s request. Meza, the body’s chair, said that “the challenge that the commission faces is enormous: it’s aimed at reforming Honduras’s entire public-safety system,” and he emphasized that its establishment “is the state’s response to the crisis in the security system.” On January 31, the Honduran Congress approved the purge of the police by a commission with Honduran and foreign members, following reports that linked officers to organized crime, but it also included the Public Prosecutor’s Office and the judicial branch. According to Security Minister Pompeyo Bonilla, the purge will impact around 4,000 members of the police force, out of 14,500 currently serving. The Public Prosecutor’s Office reported in late 2011 that entire police precincts were involved with organized crime in offenses such as links to major drug traffickers, kidnapping, murder, robbery, and extortion. By Dialogo June 05, 2012last_img read more

Top 10 Most-Read Long Island Press Local News Stories Of 2015

first_imgSign up for our COVID-19 newsletter to stay up-to-date on the latest coronavirus news throughout New York Ah, year-in-review season. That magical time when we get to take a look back at the past 12 months and see which stories our readers liked the most and wonder aloud, why?As usual, there are a few head-scratchers in the list, but for the majority of the most-clicked stories, their popularity was obvious.Join us on this annual trip down local news memory lane…10) Glen Cove Stabbing Leaves Woman DeadThe heartbreaking nature of this story was surely the reason readers needed to know more. The victim was on her way to pick up her daughter when she was killed.9) Suffolk Jail Stars in New Season of MSNBC’s LockupWhat’s not to like about this uplifting story? It’s got reality TV, candid crooks and a close-up look at the underbelly of Scruffolk.8) Center Moriches Man Accuses Suffolk Police of False ArrestGiven how videos of alleged police misconduct regularly make national news of late, it was unsurprising that readers dove into a local story about such accusations.7) MTA OKs LIRR 4% Fare HikeReaders were likely more outraged than loving this must-read story about how the region’s legions of Long Island Rail Road commuters must shell out even more to get to work.6) Greenlawn Gang Members Nabbed in $15K Drug Bust, Cops SayOf all the stories about gangs, drugs and people getting arrested this year, we can only guess that the reason this one was so popular was because it happened in Greenlawn, of all places.5) Record-shattering Numbers of LI Students Opting Out of Common Core TestingHave you heard? Neither many parents nor many students like the new Common Core education standards and all the tests that come with them!4) Long Island Chick-fil-A to Open This FallThis was such a big deal that people actually camped outside the Port Jefferson store the night before it opened to be first on line to get one of those juicy chicken sandwiches.3) Great White Shark Tracked Off Long IslandDid you know that sharks live in the ocean? Well, if you missed that day in class, a shark research group tagged a bunch of big fish so we can see where they swim, including off LI.2) Portuguese Man-o-war Stings Child on Fire IslandIt’s not every day that these sea creatures wash up on LI beaches, and rarer still that someone locally is stung by one.1) LI Teacher Refuses to Administer Common Core Tests, Urges Others to Join HerOK, apparently it’s not just parents and students. Some teachers hate Common Core, too!last_img read more

Binghamton police ask public for help with church burglary investigation

first_imgAnyone with information is asked to call Binghamton Police Detectives at 607-772-7080 and refer to case number 2020-40735. Police are trying to identify the person in the surveillance footage. According to the footage, the burglary occurred on Sept. 5. According to the police department’s Facebook page, the burglary occurred over the course of three days and electronic sound equipment was stolen.center_img BINGHAMTON (WBNG) — The Binghamton Police Department is investigating a burglary that occurred at the Anglican Church of the Good Shepard on Conklin Avenue.last_img

News: Loganair to relaunch Jersey connections next summer

ZOT HGK participates for the first time in the European quality assessment of accommodation HOLIDAY HOME AWARD – Apply!

first_imgTHE BEST HOLIDAY ACCOMMODATION IN THE EUROPEAN CAPITAL (REGIONAL OR NATIONAL CAPITAL)The holiday home / apartment is located in the regional or national capital. It allows the visitor to enjoy the city life and the special ambience and features of the city where it is located.THE BEST ACCOMMODATION FOR A BEACH HOLIDAYHoliday house / apartment is located on the coast, near the waterfront and offers the opportunity to enjoy the sea, water, beach, etc.BEST FAMILY ACCOMMODATION FOR HOLIDAYSThe holiday home / apartment and surroundings provide quality facilities especially suitable for families with childrenBEST GREEN HOLIDAY ACCOMMODATIONThe holiday home / apartment is sustainable in terms of a mild environmental impact and provides visitors with the opportunity to experience the local nature.THE BEST ACCOMMODATION FOR HOLIDAYS WITH PETSThe holiday home / apartment provides quality facilities and opportunities for families with petsTHE BEST ACCOMMODATION FOR HEALTH AND WELLNESS HOLIDAYS  The holiday house / apartment provides quality facilities and opportunities for visitors dedicated to health and wellnessTHE BEST UNIQUE HOLIDAY PLACEThe holiday home / apartment is uniquely located and integrates the environment into the experience of living in a houseBEST ACCESSIBLE HOLIDAY ACCOMMODATIONThe holiday home / apartment provides quality facilities and facilities for the disabledMore about categories and criteria: CATEGORIES AND CRITERIA , And fill out the application form here  Apply for the selection of the best tourist apartments / holiday homes in Europe and thus together we contribute to the illustration of the huge diversity and quality of family tourism that is offered on the European market through the competition of accommodation facilities from Croatia. The family tourism community of the Croatian Chamber of Commerce, since the beginning of this year, has become a member of EHHA, the European Association of Family Accommodation.From the very beginning of the ZOT membership, the Croatian Chamber of Commerce has been actively involved in the public debate related to the uniform regulation of “short-term leases” in all EU member states. The public debate was initiated by the European Commission after a survey was conducted in the most active member states on this issue.Croatia joined later, but we presented the Croatian model at the ITB in Berlin and submitted the EHHA – and an overview of the most basic legal provisions and overall trends in family accommodation in the Republic of Croatia, says Nedo Pinezić, president of the Family Accommodation Association at the Croatian Chamber of Commerce. , Deputy President of ZOT HGK is the first Croatian member of the international commission for the evaluation of the quality of accommodation within the Holiday home award 2017.  “Among the registered households, there are several from Croatia, from Istria, from Krk, from the Split-Dalmatia County… We have excellent representatives from all parts of Croatia. The hosts apply themselves, and the criteria are set by the market, according to demand. It is interesting that this system of rewarding quality goes towards labeling, specialization of the offer in a similar way as quality is assessed in Croatia through the system Tourist flower – quality for Croatia. This is a confirmation of the good work of ZOT HGK on improving quality by promoting specialization, branding, education developed through the annual cycle of national and cluster FOSs (Family Accommodation Forum). Through this system of training, presentations and education, more than 6.000 family accommodation hosts are educated every year. ” Pinezic points out.Registered households THE BEST HOLIDAY ACCOMMODATION IN THE EUROPEAN CAPITAL (REGIONAL OR NATIONAL CAPITAL)The holiday home / apartment is located in the regional or national capital. It allows the visitor to enjoy the city life and the special ambience and features of the city where it is located.Apply / CATEGORIES AND CRITERIA Also, all those hosts who want to compete for the recognition of the Tourist Flower – Quality for Croatia “, can also apply independently by the end of August through the form that will be published on the website of the Croatian Chamber of Commerce.last_img read more

Asset managers calm over risk of contagion from Greek election

first_imgEuropean asset managers have remained calm in the face of a potentially unstable Greek election result as the new party aims to renegotiate bailout terms.Yesterday, the left-of-centre and anti-austerity party Syriza won 149 seats in Greece’s 300-seat Parliament, falling just short of being able to form a majority government.Syriza, led by Alexis Tsipras, has now formed a coalition government with the Independent Greek party after it won 17 seats, with renegotiations with the Troika – the name given to the European Central Bank (ECB), International Monetary Fund (IMF) and European Commission (EC) – at the top of its agenda.The negotiations relate to restructuring the debt from Troika bailouts of the Greek government and banks, thereby allowing the government to scale back unpopular austerity measures. Greek GDP has fallen by more than 30% since the onset of the financial crisis, with equity markets falling 90% since 2007.Fidelity head of European equities, Paras Anand said Tsipras was likely to restructure the debt agreements to free the Greek economy from a “seemingly endless period of contraction.”He said much would be made of the threat to euro-zone stability from the left-leaning party’s plans, but that he expected the impact to be modest.“Syriza has repeatedly stated a desire to remain within the single currency,” he said. “The emphasis of key creditors within the euro-zone has already shifted from austerity to reform, and Syriza may find greater support from the mainstream European parties than its ‘radical’ tag would suggest.”Anand also said the risk of contagion to other euro-zone economies was limited given the uniqueness of the Greek situation and the tightening of yields across the euro-zone.Data from Bloomberg showed the yield on 10-year government bonds has risen since the election result, from 8.39% to 8.72%, but was still lower than the 10.68% seen earlier this month, a 15-month high.However, contagion risk in Spain and Italy seems limited, with yields continuing to trade much lower in the wake of the ECB’s quantitative easing announcement.Spanish 10-year government bonds are trading at 1.36%, falling from 1.53% since the ECB action, and more than half the yield from 12 months previous.Italy’s 10-year bonds paint a similar picture.“It is worth taking a step back and reflecting that the financial sector across Europe is in a significantly more robust position today than it was at the last ‘peak’ of the sovereign crisis in 2011,” Anand added.Meanwhile, Rob Burnett, investment director at Neptune’s European opportunities fund, argued that Syriza had no incentive to cause further turmoil in Greece.“Tspiras is taking power, with Greece having just registered its first quarter of GDP growth in seven years, and he is aware he has a tremendous opportunity to gather the plaudits as the economy recovers,” he said.“We expect Syriza’s negotiation with the Troika, comprising the ECB, the European Commission and the International Monetary Fund, will be difficult, but all sides are incentivised to come up with a face-saving compromise.”Viktor Nossek, research director at WisdomTree, said QE was likely to protect Spain and Italy from contagion, and preclude fiscal easing in these countries and Greece.“A compromise struck between the Troika and Greece is [also] likely to stabilise the euro as it dissipates contagion risk to Italy and Spain,” he said. “Nevertheless, a compromise should impact sentiment in Greece’s bond markets negatively.“Pressure on Greece’s bonds to fall further is likely. At risk, too, are Greek bank stocks that hold government debt of Greece.”last_img read more

New E-Government project to speed up doing business within the public sector

first_imgLocalNews New E-Government project to speed up doing business within the public sector by: – November 19, 2011 11 Views   no discussions Sharing is caring! Tweet Sharecenter_img Share Sylvester Cadette. Image via: GIS NewsTelecoms Director Sylvester Cadette says an E-Government project will provide tremendous benefits for Dominica.The Electronic Government for Regional Integration Project has been implemented by the Organization of the Eastern Caribbean States and is used within the public sector to drive efficiency within the public service.Cadette says “it will allow for significant cost reduction in terms of the day to day operations of government. In terms of back office operations and efficiencies as processes and functions are reworked. A lot of times individuals claim that governments are slow and things take too long but these systems will put government officials at a level where they can provide those services in a more efficient manner”.According to him, the individuals will be taught how to utilize the technology to assist and carry out those changes.He said the public also stands to benefit significantly from the project.“It will determine how quickly you can access government services, how quickly you can access certain health services. These are some of the key benefits. Individuals come from the country side to deal with their land issues and in the past in would take ages. With a much improve system and the implementation of the new system, it will improve those policies that have already been advanced,” he said.Dominica Vibes News Sharelast_img read more

Dacotah Speedway’s annual Drive to Survive raises $8,420

first_imgBISMARCK, N.D. – Dacotah Speedway’s fifth annual Drive to Survive is the Mandan race track’s most successful cancer fundraiser to date.“Through gate receipts, hat and T-shirt sales, event sponsorship and donations, and an intermission auction, Dacotah Speedway raised $8,420 to fund patient support services for the Bismarck Cancer Center Foundation,” said Beau Simmons, track promoter.The event was sparked in 2008 when Cody Miller, a track official, issued a challenge to local driver David Falkenstein. Miller, who had recently lost his mother-in-law to breast cancer, remarked that drivers should paint their cars pink like other athletes wear uniforms of that color to support cancer fundraisers.Falkenstein agreed and pledged to go pink in exchange for a charitable contribution. The first event raised $500. Over the past five years, the Drive to Survive has raised approximately $15,000.last_img read more