A central problem

first_imgRight now is being negotiated The amount of this repurchase. Feddal’s would be an immediate performance option although Betis would prevent him from playing on Saturday, which would be a signing for 12 games, this season. That of Javi Sánchez is an option that Celades really likes, presently but especially in the future. That is why Madrid does not want to lose sight of it either.Hugo Guillamón and his renovation.Equally for the future is Hugo Guillamón. The footballer, who debuted in Anoeta with the Valencia, contract ends in June and the club, after several months without contact with its agents, has now entered the rush to negotiate its renewal. The arrival of César in office reactivated the interest in retaining the international but the injuries followed by Garay, Paulista and Mangala and their debut have made their renewal a priority. In the next few hours there could be a meeting to approach positions. The possible interest of Barcelona, ​​which has not yet presented any offer, have put Valencia executives even more on alert. Guillamón, if Paulista does not recover on time, will start on Saturday against Betis.Mangala is broken and Paulista would arrive justNursing is another serious problem that Valencia has. Mangala was tested yesterday at the Eresa clinic. And the diagnosis does not bring good news. The Frenchman suffers a muscle injury in the back of the thigh. For its part, Paulista continues with his recovery and hurries his options to be on Saturday against Betis. If he arrived, he would do it very fair. There is agreement with both football players. Now we have to reach an agreement with him Real Madrid or with him Betis so that the operation comes to fruition shortly. With Madrid the operation still cystic by the Purchase option that wants to include Valencia. In the case of Betis, César is also negotiating with the intention of the operation crystallize in the form of assignment with a mandatory purchase option, at the end of the season. EI Valencia has a problem with the central defense zone. Or rather more than one. And he wants to solve it in the next few days. Valencia has a big hole in that defense zone. And he bleeds from there. That is why the club is working to do what is in their hands for the last 13 games of the championship.The first is to find to a soccer player that supplants Garay, long-term injured. The club has until Friday to request permission from LaLiga, something they will do once they have the signing channeled. Today there are two options: Javi Sánchez, Real Madrid player assigned in Valladolid; Y Zou Feddal, of Betis.last_img read more

Laptop thief jailed

first_imgRomano Hamblin, 20, of One Mile Extension, Linden, in Region Ten (Upper Demerara-Berbice), made his appearance at the Georgetown Magistrates’ Courts on Monday and was called upon to explain by Chief Magistrate, Ann McLennan, why he stole two computers.The man denied the allegation, and pleaded not guilty when the charge was read to him.It is alleged that on September 23, 2016, he entered the dwelling place of Lashana Richmond and stole one Compact Laptop valued 6,000 and one Acer Laptop valued 8,000.Romano HamblinThe details surrounding the allegation are not known, as the prosecution’s file was not presented in court.The defendant was remanded and will make his next court appearance at the Linden Magistrate’s Court on October 4, 2016.last_img

1 prison officer dead, several inmates injured

first_imgFiery Camp Street jail break… Bartica, Lusignan massacres convict among 5 prisoners on the runBy Samuel Sukhnandan, Vahnu Manikchand and Ramona LuthiFive prisoners are on the run following the Camp Street Prison break that occurred on Sunday around 16:45h. Among the five convicted prisoners are Mark Royden Durant called “Royden Williams” and “Smallie”, who has been sentenced to death for both the Lusignan and Bartica massacres.During a press briefing on Sunday evening, Director of Prisons, Gladwin Samuels revealed that Williams and the other escaped inmates reportedly used the other prisoners at Camp Street to start several fires in the penitentiary, as a distraction to assist with the prison break.An injured Prison Officer being transported to a private institution late Sunday evening for a CT scan to be doneBased on preliminary reports, Williams held a prison officer hostage and gunshots were heard at the prison. Samuels said based on that report, he ordered the officers to follow the Standard Operating Procedures (SOPs) and to commence evacuating the prisoners to a safe location. There were 1018 prisoners at the prison at the time of the incident.According to Samuels, during that process, some six officers were injured. One officer identified as Odinga Wickham, succumbed to his injuries while receiving treatment at the Georgetown Public Hospital. Two other officers are said to be critical, while the three others were stable up to press time.Based on the magnitude of this major security issue, the Security Council was activated where members of the Joint Services met with Commander in Chief of the Armed Forces, President David Granger and Public Security Minister Khemraj Ramjattan to decide on how to respond to the dilemma.Public Security Minister Khemraj RamjattanPolice Commissioner Seelall Persaud informed the media that given previous attempts by some of the prisoners to escape to neighbouring Suriname, the Guyana Police Force has since issued a wanted bulletin for the men and has alerted Suriname and other foreign authorities of the situation.While it is still not clear what was the motive behind the fire and prison escape, Samuels said that he was informed that Durant wanted his freedom and used the opportunity to escape.When questioned as to why there was a second prison riot at Camp Street in less than one year, Samuels deflected from answering the question and went on to state that some of the recommendations from the Commission of Inquiry (CoI), which was initiated after the first prison riot, have been implemented.However, he admitted that there was slow progress in getting the capital for the projects. This may have served as one of the hindrances that led to the prison break and fire.From left: Fire Chief Marlon Gentle, Director of Prisons Gladwell Samuels, Commissioner of Police Seelall Persaud and acting Chief of Staff Colonel Nazrul Hussain at the press briefing late Sunday nightSamuels said the evacuated prisoners were taken to the Lusignan and Mazaruni Prisons. While the security officials have admitted that capacity is limited at these prisons, they said that the temporary relocation will suffice, at least for the next 24 to 72 hours. At present, the prisoners are currently at Lusignan in an empty compound. However, they were provided with water and given mobile toilet facilities.Chaos at GPHCMass chaos and panic rippled through the city of Georgetown on Sunday afternoon after inmates of the Camp Street Prison started an inferno, as a distraction for what appears to be a planned jail break, gutting nearly the entire facility.The events that unfolded resulted in the death of one prison officer, 30-year-old Odinga Wickham, while six others were injured. These officers sustained gunshot wounds, along with chop and stab wounds about their bodies. Several of Wickham’s internal organs were damaged as a result of the gunshot wounds to his chest and abdomen. Despite the efforts of doctors to repair the organs and the provision of several pints of blood to resuscitate him, the 30-year-old man reportedly bled to death on the operation table.Prison officers consoling each other at the GPHCAmong the other injured men was a senior prison officer, who was the officer-in-charge on the ground. He has been identified as Ewart Trim and is nursing severe chop wounds to his skull. After being treated and stabilised at the Georgetown Public Hospital Corporation (GPHC), he was then transported to a private city hospital for a CT scan to be conducted.Additionally, three prisoners had to be hospitalised for non-life threatening injuries, while five of them managed to escape during the chaos. Two of the prisoners were shot while attempting to escape; they were admitted at the Hospital in stable condition.So far, authorities have identified among the five escapees: Durant and Uree Varswyck, called Malcolm Gordon, who was committed to stand trial on two counts of robbery/murder, one of which is the 2014 Sterling robbery in which a security guard was shot dead.Fire distractionSunday’s incident commenced some time around 14:30h when the inmates started the fire. This served as a distraction as the inmates made their way into the administrative building in the compound, ambushing the officers there.Guyana Times understands that the inmates held the female staffers in the admin building, but subsequently released them, saying “we nah gon do y’all nothing”. One prison officer had said that the inmates were being held in rooms under the arms section and so they made their way into the arms room by removing the boards of the flooring/ceiling.By this time, sheer panic had ensued within the prison compound between inmates and prison officers.Guyana Times witnessed at least three quarters of all the wooden buildings which make up the Camp Street Prison being engulfed in flames, even as firefighters attacked the blaze in their numbers.The inferno continued to intensify until around 20:30h when firefighters managed to contain the flames.Based on information received, the prisoners attacked prison officers using firearms, self-made weapons and their fists.The fire began in the south-eastern side of the Prison, and as the smoke spread throughout the building, prisoners were heard shouting for help, as the building was placed on lockdown to prevent more criminals from escaping.Shortly after, the angry prisoners were heard rattling the grill and hitting the zinc fence that surrounds the prison.However, pandemonium broke out when the prisoners in the smoke-consumed building began hurling large stones in numbers through the vents in the upper floor, onto the hundreds of civilians and Police Officers who had surrounded the location.As Police sought to set up barricades around the apparent “war zone” to protect civilians, a few disobedient spectators received minor injuries from the stones thrown in their direction.Moreover, spectators were seen running as gunshots were being fired at them randomly, during an apparent shootout with prisoners in the building and the Police outside.Officers from the Army were seen crouching behind objects with large rifles as they avoided and retaliated towards the shots fired at them from the criminals, who were attacking while being in the almost completely burnt building.In the crowd, this publication overheard Police saying that attempts to remove the prisoners proved futile, because “they were resisting and attacking [officers]”.Even more unfortunate was when the Police Sports Club opposite the Prison on Camp Street caught alight due to the intensity of the flames coming from the burning penitentiary. While the building had not been completely destroyed, only pillars and the walls were left standing.In addition, another home which was located opposite the Prison on Durban Street was also significantly scorched. The family who lived there managed to escape unharmed.Meanwhile, at the Hospital, tension mounted as relatives of the injured officers rushed to the medical institution. There were several outbursts between the anxious family members and the Hospital’s security personnel.Anticipating an influx of injured persons, additional security, lab technicians, pharmacists and other needed hospital staffers were called out to be on standby. In addition, an emergency treatment centre was set up at the Hospital’s car park in anticipation of many injured arriving.During a briefing with media operatives, acting Chief Executive Officer (CEO), Brigadier George Lewis, assured that everything was under control and that the Hospital was not overwhelmed.Throughout the night, prison officers gathered at the institution to ensure that their injured colleagues were ok. Some of them collapsed in tears when news broke of Wickham’s death.The visibly angry crowd began venting about the situation that unfolded earlier and they made comparisons to last year’s prison riot at the same Camp Street penitentiary, which resulted in the deaths of 17 inmates and several others, including prison staffers.One officer was heard saying, “(The authorities) put the prisoners’ right over us and that shouldn’t have happened… Them men threatened we that them gon retaliate from what happened last year and we file a complaint, but nobody did anything for our security.”On the other hand, in the midst of chaos in the city, there were reports of a shootout between escaped prisoners and Police in the vicinity of Buxton, East Coast Demerara.However, authorities later confirmed that the situation was not so. It was explained that during a standard roadblock procedure, set up in light of the situation in Georgetown, ranks observed a vehicle turning around some distance before the road block. The Police subsequently give chase and shot at the vehicle, resulting in the driver losing control and ending up in a ditch at Buxton.“Happens that they are from Buxton and it was an unlicensed driver that saw the road block and decided to run from it… it was not connected to anything (relating to the Prison incident),” Police Commissioner Persaud told a late-night press conference on Sunday.However, that Division was not spared from drama. Authorities had transported prisoners to the Lusignan, ECD, jailhouse on Sunday evening, but the inmates refused to enter the facility. Guyana Times was told that this prompted the officers to fire warning shots into the air to contain the ruckus caused by the convicts.last_img read more

Levity in Learning

first_imgAfter a brief climb the plane leveled off somewhere around 24,000 feet. Its 30-plus passengers left their shoes and seats behind to spread out across the padded open areas ahead. There are no windows in this jet cabin. Its walls are bare save for the canvas cords running along each side, intended to be balancing aids in the absence of gravity. “Blue team!” flight coach Chace Johnson called as his group – one of three on board Monday morning – took their places lying down on the mats. “Bluuuuuue!” the teachers shouted back to signal they were ready. “There’s nothing else in the world like this, you’ll see,” Johnson had earlier told his crew. The full-time Florida science teacher has flown hundreds of such flights in his part-time gig with Zero G. He was on renowned physicist Stephen Hawking’s recent weightless flight. “Blue team!” he exclaimed again. “Bluuuuuue!” they all replied, thumbs high in the air. And so it began. In an airspace about 100 miles long and 10 miles wide, the plane flew in arcs – the technical term is parabolas – making a series of sharp ascents and descents. The former produce hard gravity, or G force, which to a 110-pound woman lying flat on her back feels like a car is parked on top of her. Yet it doesn’t hurt; it’s just heavy. Trying to lift an arm “in the pull,” as they call it, of G force, where gravity is almost two times a person’s body weight, is like lifting with 30-pound dumbbells at the gym when you usually stick with 15s: It’s doable, but it’s tough. After three warm-up parabolas that first mimicked the gravity of Mars (one-third body weight), then that of the moon (one-sixth body weight), the flight staff called out that the promised 12 zero-g parabolas were impending. “The liftoff was weird,” Marissa Whitmore of Torrance’s Madrona Middle School said later, reflecting on the feeling of being pulled from the floor. “I thought it would be more stomach-dropping, but it really wasn’t.” Going from feeling heavy near the point of immobilization to floating uncontrollably is, as Manhattan Beach Middle’s Brown would later remark, “a really weird sensation.” Control is challenging. With even the slightest push from the wall, the ceiling or a fellow passenger, a smaller person especially can be hurtling through the air like a football down a field. Teacher Jessica Dumpert of Will Rogers Middle School in Lawndale learned that firsthand during a game of “Teacher Toss,” one of several experiments conducted in-flight. (Some others: Attempting to eat M&Ms floating free in zero-g and trying to drink globules of water similarly suspended.) “It was disorienting,” Dumpert said of serving as the ball in a game of human catch. “I didn’t know where up or down was – and I didn’t really care.” Each period of zero-g lasted about 30 seconds. When time started running short, a Zero G staffer shouted “Feet down, coming out!” instructing everyone to get back to the floor to await the next parabola. If you’re not down low when gravity comes back, it will push you there – hard. When the final parabola was done – the pilot tossed in a 13th arc at zero-g, making it a baker’s dozen – the laughter and wild, incredulous exclamations of “Wow!” “Oh, my God!” and “Whoooo!” gave way to calm, quiet smiles. “Man that was awesome. I could do that a thousand more times,” said Wendy Creek of Torrance’s Calle Mayor Middle School, who at one point in her weightlessness managed to literally run up the wall and across the ceiling. “That was incredible!” Whitmore concurred, her blue eyes wide open, hands trembling in her lap. “The adrenaline is still pumping through me. I can feel it.” Calling it “the experience of a lifetime,” Eugene Nah of Lawndale’s Jane Addams Middle School wondered what he would say to his students. “It’s so hard to describe just with words.” To be sure, the feeling of being weightless is difficult to explain even remotely adequately. At once confusing and exciting, it’s simultaneously weird and wonderful and altogether exhilarating. It’s the wildest roller coaster in the park times 100, but somehow gentle and calming. It’s the stuff of dreams. “I always wanted to fly. I dream about it,” Creek said. “What we just did? That’s exactly how flying feels in my dreams. “I’ve bungee-jumped before. I’ve sky-dived. But nothing can compare to this.” shelly.leachman@dailybreeze.com160Want local news?Sign up for the Localist and stay informed Something went wrong. Please try again.subscribeCongratulations! You’re all set! No, no, yes and yes. Several South Bay educators got those answers and more Monday when they took a zero-gravity, or “Zero-G,” airplane flight high above Los Angeles as part of a program designed to inspire students by putting their teachers through the ultimate science experiment – weightlessness. Dubbed Weightless Flights of Discovery, the program was founded by the Northrop Grumman Foundation in 2006 in partnership with the Florida-based Zero G Corp., which runs the flights. This is their first season flying from a Los Angeles location, with 60 L.A.-area teachers – including 15 from the South Bay – going along for the ride. The program is being conducted in five other places across the country, altogether serving about 500 teachers. “Are you nervous? I’m a little nervous,” said Jayne Brown, a math teacher at Manhattan Beach Middle School, shifting in her seat and fiddling some with her flight suit as the plane took off from Long Beach Airport. “But I’m excited. Are you excited? I wonder what it’s going to be like.” By Shelly Leachman STAFF WRITER Lying flat on the white-padded floor of a hollowed-out airplane, it’s hard to know what to expect. Shoes off, flight suit on, eyes aimed at the ceiling, waiting, the mind races: Will I get sick? Will it hurt? Will it be strange? Will it be amazing? last_img read more

CONFIRMED! QPR goalkeeper Alex McCarthy joins Crystal Palace

first_img1 Alex McCarthy Crystal Palace have signed Queens Park Rangers goalkeeper Alex McCarthy on a four-year deal, for an undisclosed fee.The former England Under-21 international is best known for his time at Reading, where he came through their youth ranks to represent the first-team 75 times – as well as appearing for a host of clubs on loan over six levels of English football.The 25-year-old signed for the Hoops last Summer and featured three times in the Premier League, as well as being called up to the England squad.McCarthy said: “I’m over the moon. When I first heard about Palace’s interest I was excited because I really wanted to be back in the Premier League. Towards the end of last season I started hearing little inklings about a move and then gradually over the summer things progressed and now, here I am.“Every time I’ve played at Palace the atmosphere has been brilliant, the fans are excellent and they’re so passionate about their club.  I’m really excited to be here.” McCarthy becomes Alan Pardew’s third summer signing following the high-profile capture of France midfielder Yohan Cabaye, plus the arrival of striker Patrick Bamford on a season-long loan move from Chelsea.last_img read more


first_imgBruckless/Killaghtee/Dunkineely NewsDunkineely FestivalDunkineely Festival will be held on the weekend of the 28th-30th August.The Start of the Festival will be @ 7pm on the 28th with the Killaghtee Marching Band.The Official Schedule will be available over the next few weeks. Here is just a taste of upcoming events: Soap Car Racing, Marching Bands, Late Night Dance, Youth Disco, Adult Dance night / Games, Children’s Play area, Bouncy Castle, face painting, etc, etc. Music and quizzes in all local Bar’s, Pet Show.Anybody willing to help, please contact Gerry on 087 6993095. Thank you.We look forward to seeing you there! Trip to Tipp Summer Bus TourConneely Travel and JIW Tours have organised their annual summer special 3 day tour for Tipperary and Laois on Tues 28th to Thurs 30th July. This is a fun, social bus tour outing, with some gentle strolls, shopping, social dancing and a guided tour along the way. The tour includes visits to Emo Forest Park, Holy Cross Abbey and the Rock of Cashel. For further info, cost and bookings, ring Keith on 087-9213200.Bruckless Cemetery SundayCemetery Sunday will be held on Sunday 26th July at 4:00pm. Parishioners are asked the tidy up their family plots for the occasion. Thank you.Adult Religious Education Course8/10 weeks – one evening per week starting in September (PG). Topics covered: Baptism, Penance, Eucharist, Extra unction, Holy Orders, Matrimony, Our Lady, The Saints. This will be a short course with basic information on the Sacraments and is suitable for anyone with an interest in the faith. It will be helpful for those who would like to gain more knowledge about the faith. The title of the course is “I Believe”. If you are interested contact the parish office at Bruckless by phoning (074)9737015.CoursesDunkineely Community Ltd (DCL) are planning a six week course in either Upcycling (i.e. converting old and waste materials into something new and useful e.g. furniture) or a Follow-on Interior Design Course with Sile Kelly (the most popular of these two would run).If you are interested in any of these, please contact the DCL office on 087 3421922 or 074 9737678 as soon as possible. Courses will run subject to application for ETB part funding on the Community Education Support Programme. ETB Adult Education ServicesThe following courses for adults may be commencing in Donegal Town in the near future.(1) European Computer Driving Licence (ECDL) Monday & Tuesday 9.45am to 1.45pm(2) QQI (FETAC) Level 4 Major Award in Information and Communications Skills. Wednesday, Thursday & Friday 9.45am to 1.45pm(3) QQI (FETAC) Level 5 Major Award in Nursing Studies. Thursday & Friday 9.30am to 2.30pm and alternate Wednesday 9.30am – 1.30pm. (limited places available).(4) QQI (FETAC) Level 5 Major Award in Early Childhood Care & Education. Monday & Tuesday 9.30am to 1.45pm and alternate Wednesday 9.45am to 1.45pm. (limited places available).The courses are part-time and are free of charge to any adult with less than upper second level education / have a social welfare payment / have a medical card. Courses are accredited by QQI (Quality and Qualifications Ireland) and do not affect existing social welfare entitlements. For further information and an application form contact: 074 9725520 or email: siobhancoughlan@donegaletb.ieLocal RepresentativeCllr. Niamh Kennedy will be available for members of the community in DCL office, Dunkineely on Thursday evenings 5:30 – 7:30pm. Mobile: (087)2062336 Email: niamhkennedy@donegalcoco.ieCeol agus CraicTraditional music session each Wednesday at McIntyre’s Bar, Dunkineely at 10pm. All musicians and singers welcome.Recovery from Emotional DistressG.R.O.W. – Gradually, Regaining, Our, Wellbeing! Support and a program for recovery. Weekly Meetings at Niall Mor Centre, Killybegs on Thursday evenings at 7:30pm. Also in the Day Hospital, adjacent to Donegal Hospital on Tuesday evenings at 8:00pm. For further information contact Marian on (086)7856912. All are welcome.Daisy DaysThese days are for the children of Donegal who have Downs Syndrome, Mitochondrial Disease, and any additional needs children of the county. The Daisy Days will be held in Daisy Cottage, Dunkineely on the 23rd and 28th of August next. Sunday the 23rd August is for the babies and children up to 6 years old.Friday the 28th August is for 7 years to teens.So far in the entertainment side we have Mickey & Minnie Mouse coming for the younger children and babies and for the older children we have Jose with his birds from the Raptor Rescue Centre in Glenties and also one or two rally cars coming.We want to make it a fun day out for these children and young adults and so am trying to enlist the help of as many as possible to make them days to remember.We have some offers of help (making tea, washing up, homemade buns/cakes etc.) more help would be very welcome. We would particularly welcome the help of musicians, face painters, magicians etc. You can be contact Kathrine McGlynn on 074-9125942 or 087-6188340 or at daisycottagedonegal@gmail.com.The Point 10kThe Point 10k Charity Fun Run/Walk will be held this year on Saturday the 15th of August. This year’s charities are St. Vincent De Paul (Donegal Branch) and Spina Bifda Hydrocephalus (Donegal Branch). We hope to see a big turnout to support these two brilliant charities that help the local community.Registration and entries will take place on the day from 9am – 10:30am at the Dunkineely Methodist Hall, try to register before 11.00am as race starts at this time. Entry fee: Adults = €10, Students & Youths = €6. Prizes for all categories!!Refreshments will be served after In the Methodist Hall in the centre of the town.DCL OfficePlease feel free to pop into the office any morning Mon-Fri 9.30-12.30 and chat with Michael, use the Internet (20c per half hour), print or photocopy documents (20c per page) or borrow a book (20c per book).Going on a Sun Holiday?Print you Boarding Pass with us in the DCL office.Researching a Family Tree?DCL has a copy of the adjoining Methodist Church index of Births & Marriages 1860 -1899 (Ardara and Dunkineely). Also the Burials Register for the same congregations from 1950 to 2007.LibraryDunkineely Community Ltd (DCL) – Has a small library of over 500 books from Children’s Literature, Teenage Fiction (The Fault in our stars), Classics (Jane Austen – Pride and Prejudice), Horror, Comedy, Booker-Prize etc. Borrowing 20c per book.COMMUNITY NOTICE: 10K CHARITY FUN RUN IN AID OF ST VINCENT DE PAUL IN DUNKINEELY was last modified: July 21st, 2015 by Mark ForkerShare this:Click to share on Facebook (Opens in new window)Click to share on Twitter (Opens in new window)Click to share on LinkedIn (Opens in new window)Click to share on Reddit (Opens in new window)Click to share on Pocket (Opens in new window)Click to share on Telegram (Opens in new window)Click to share on WhatsApp (Opens in new window)Click to share on Skype (Opens in new window)Click to print (Opens in new window)Tags:FeaturesNoticeslast_img read more


first_imgDONEGAL stunned red-hot favourites Roscommon to lift the Nicky Rackard Cup at Croke Park today with a superb performance in wonderful advert for hurling.The county’s hurlers’ fighting spirit shone through as they came from behind over and over again to eventually win the showpiece final at GAA headquarters.Playing most of the second half with 14-men, Donegal eventually won 3-20 to 3-16. Donegal had gone into an early lead with some great points, Lee Henderson having a superb game.Roscommon however raced into the lead, until Sean McVeigh netted to put Donegal back in the lead.A second Roscommon goal had them ahead by three points at half-time 2-10 to 1-10.But Donegal had a dream start to the second half when Paddy Hannigan scored in the opening seconds to level the match. Roscommon netted again, but Donegal’s never-say-die attitude shone through as a Danny Cullen long range effort ended up in the net.Lee Henderson was the undoubted man of the match, hitting a number of great points for Donegal as they led 3-18 to 3-13 with just minutes left on the clock.And that was despite having Ronan McDermott sent off just into the second half.Gerry Fallon and Niall Kilroy pointed to reduce the deficit to just three points, before another score reduced the margin to just two points with ten minutes left.Donegal’s defenders played out of their skins. Roscommon had a last minute free in front of the goals – went for goal – and missed.And Donegal went up the other end to add another point through Danny Cullen to extend the lead to three…before adding another through Stephen Boyle.Scorers for Roscommon: Gerry Fallon 2-9 (2-7f), Cathal Kelly 1-1, Gary Fallon 0-1, R Fallon 0-2, J Lawlor 0-1, N Kilroy 0-1, E Kenny 0-1Scorers for Donegal: L Henderson 0-10 (7f), P Hannigan 2-1, S McVeigh 1-1, D Cullen 0-3, C Matthewson 0-2, S Boyle 0-2, J Boyle 0-1 Roscommon: P Dolan (Capt.); S Curley, R O’Meara, I Delaney; S Melia, M Kelly, N Keenan; A Murphy, J Lawlor; Cormac Kelly, Gerry Fallon, Cathal Kelly; R Fallon, Gary Fallon, C Egan.Subs: N Kilroy for C Egan (28), D Nolan for A Murphy (41), C Dolan for N Keenan (48), E Kenny for Cormac Kelly (53)Donegal: P Burns; M McGrath, J McGee, B Harrigan; C McDermott, J Donnelly, J Boyle; R McDermott, D Cullen; L Henderson, S McVeigh, E McDermott; C Matthewson, P Hannigan, S Boyle.Subs: P Sheridan for C Matthewson (42), J Browne for J McGee (60), K Campbell for E McDermott (63).Referee: P Murphy (Carlow).DONEGAL ABÚ! HURLERS WIN NICKY RACKARD CUP FINAL AT CROKE PARK was last modified: June 9th, 2013 by BrendaShare this:Click to share on Facebook (Opens in new window)Click to share on Twitter (Opens in new window)Click to share on LinkedIn (Opens in new window)Click to share on Reddit (Opens in new window)Click to share on Pocket (Opens in new window)Click to share on Telegram (Opens in new window)Click to share on WhatsApp (Opens in new window)Click to share on Skype (Opens in new window)Click to print (Opens in new window)Tags:ABÚDONEGAL ABÚ! HURLERS WIN NICKY RACKARD CUP FINAL AT CROKE PARKlast_img read more


first_imgCllr Ciaran Brogan with Mayor McGarveyMIDNIGHT LATEST: The County Council will collapse shortly.Cllr John Campbell is to vote against the budget – giving those opposed to the 2014 budget a 15-13 victory and including Sinn Fein and Fianna Fail.This is what Cllr Ciaran Brogan has just told the chamber: Having listened to proposals from the FG Party which equates to an amount in the region €487K we are still resolute in the opinion that this deal if passed does not offer a good deal for the People of Donegal. We will not be supporting this proposal for the following reasons ; We feel that the rates reduction of 5% which we proposed to the Management has not been met this is despite that fact that Bussiness’s across our County are struggling to remain open and that the possibility that a higher water rate being struck upon them is a growing concern within the party given the information which has come to light from Council Management.We see a massive under funded Housing Maintenance budget which again this year will not meet the needs of our Tenants within our Housing stock.The lack of investment in our Roads network causes serious concern to us as a group and again we feel this has not been meet either within the Budget Book or within the Proposals put forward by the FG party. County wide the deterioration of our Roads network is visible for all to see and we believe that in Years to come massive funding will be needed to correct this. The lack of information in regards to the take over by Irish Water has not been clarified in any way. We have repeatedly asked that the facts be presented to us by the Minister & County Manager but unfortunately we are no further informed. We are seriously concerned as a group with a decision already been taken to transfer our prime assets worth €355 million to Irish Water. We are concerned that hundreds of small Housing estates and developments with mechanical & Electrical sewerage plants will be left in limbo whereby Irish water will take no responsibility for them even though they will be generating revenue form these estates, yet we as a council with no Water Services will not be in a position to take them over. We believe that those serviced by Group water Schemes will receive harsh treatment at the hands of Irish Water and this we cannot accept.The Fianna Fail group will not support this budget because by doing so we would have turned our backs on the electorate and let the People of Donegal down. The Fine Gael Proposal seeks to get savings by maximising the collection of rates and putting more pressure on Business’s which are struggling and need discretion if they cannot pay all their Rates. This proposal will squeeze as much out of bussiness’s across Donegal as possible which in effect places these businesses at a disadvantage instead of assisting them as Fianna Fail propose. We are calling on all Political Parties and none to stand United and tackle these issues on behalf of their electorate as we are prepared to do. COUNCIL LATEST: FIANNA FAIL OPPOSE BUDGET – COUNCIL TO GO was last modified: January 8th, 2014 by John2Share this:Click to share on Facebook (Opens in new window)Click to share on Twitter (Opens in new window)Click to share on LinkedIn (Opens in new window)Click to share on Reddit (Opens in new window)Click to share on Pocket (Opens in new window)Click to share on Telegram (Opens in new window)Click to share on WhatsApp (Opens in new window)Click to share on Skype (Opens in new window)Click to print (Opens in new window) Tags:broganMayormcgarveylast_img read more

Fuller expands evangelicalism

first_img AD Quality Auto 360p 720p 1080p Top articles1/5READ MOREWalnut’s Malik Khouzam voted Southern California Boys Athlete of the Week “We are seeing the internationalization of theology,” he says, “the shifting of boundaries and blurring of boundaries.” With 4,900 students from 100 denominations, Fuller vies with Texas’ Southwestern Baptist Theological Seminary for the title of America’s largest seminary. It’s also a leading institution on evangelicalism’s left flank. The Pasadena-based seminary has three parts: a conventional School of Theology and two pioneering graduate programs, a seminary-based clinical psychology school and the School of Intercultural Studies, or SIS. Central to Fuller’s global impact, SIS was called the School of World Mission until 2003, when the name was changed because international alumni felt a “mission” degree was a liability in many countries. SIS, which will mark its 40th anniversary with a Nov. 7-10 conference, has sent some 3,500 graduates across the world as teachers, administrators, pastors and evangelists. It also helped attract many international students to Fuller’s School of Theology. PASADENA – There are few better places to get a glimpse of what 21st century Christianity looks like than Fuller Theological Seminary. The sun-splashed campus is a major, multicultural training ground for Protestant evangelicals – a group expanding quickly in the developing world and that wants to reconvert Christianity’s traditional strongholds in the West. Overseas students from 70 nations make up more than a quarter of the enrollment; degree programs are offered in Korean and Spanish as well as English. As Fuller President Richard Mouw sees it, his school trains religious leaders from all nations to work wherever they’re called. This is an era when all cultures are mixing and Westerners won’t necessarily lead Christianity. “Fuller was a pacesetter. We all owe Fuller a lot,” says professor Terry Muck of the newer mission school at Kentucky’s Asbury Theological Seminary. “They took what was staring them in the face, being on the West Coast in multicultural Los Angeles, and did something with it.” Originally, SIS trained mainly midcareer missionaries from the United States and Canada. Gradually, students from overseas became the majority – though they’ve fallen back to a third of the program’s students, due largely to visa and financial roadblocks faced by internationals hoping to study in the United States. Concerned that too many overseas students worked in the United States after graduating, Fuller also provides training in their homelands through Internet “distance learning” and cooperative programs with a dozen international campuses. Students’ plans after graduation reflect today’s complex religious patterns. For instance: Enock De Assis, who formerly directed missionaries that Brazil’s Presbyterians sent through Latin America and Africa, might return to Brazil to teach theology. Or he may work with Portuguese-speaking congregations in the United States. James Kissi-Ayittey, who previously evangelized fellow Ghanaians, then Liberian refugees in Ivory Coast, plans to teach at Ghana’s Central University College, an international school with 4,000 students sponsored by booming Pentecostal and Charismatic churches. Tabitha Singh, an ethnic Indian from Guyana raised in New York City, hopes to help rescue prostitutes in either South America or India. Aya Tasaka might become an evangelist back home in Tokyo, or work with the 63 Japanese churches in the Los Angeles area, or evangelize Japanese students on U.S. campuses. Speaking with the students, it’s clear that the older emphasis on soul-winning alone is fading. These younger evangelicals intend to combine evangelism and social action and, unlike old “social gospel” liberals, emphasize efforts by Christian groups rather than relying on government action. Dean C. Douglas McConnell says SIS students will work in developing nations where large numbers migrate, the HIV/AIDS epidemic is devastating populations, catastrophes put severe pressures on church leaders, average ages are declining and huge numbers of children are exploited for labor, combat and sex trafficking. Yet Fuller analysts also consider the West a growing mission field. In Amsterdam, for instance, just 50,000 of the 735,000 residents are regular churchgoers, with 30,000 in growing immigrant churches that eventually want to re-evangelize the Dutch. In Britain, only 1 percent of those ages 18 to 35 worship regularly. In the United States, says professor Ryan Bolger, many traditional congregations thrive, but there are growing pockets of thoroughly secularized young adults. To reach them, evangelists are creating “postmodern” fellowships that shed most traditional forms of organized religion. Meanwhile, new immigrants need culturally attuned churches. “You don’t have to go across the world to be a missionary,” Bolger says. “It’s missionaries from everywhere going everywhere.” SIS’s founding mantra was “church growth,” meaning mostly numbers. Today it’s “church health,” emphasizing social impact and deeper Christian devotion. But one aspect of the founders’ concept remains: sophisticated analysis of social groups, rather than simply seeking converts one by one. McConnell stresses another constant. He says zeal for spreading the message to everyone everywhere remains central “for any Christian who has a firm commitment to the uniqueness and amazing offer of salvation in Christ.” 160Want local news?Sign up for the Localist and stay informed Something went wrong. Please try again.subscribeCongratulations! You’re all set!last_img read more

What will fix the Warriors’ inconsistent defense?

first_img* * *Subscribe to the Mercury News and East Bay Times for $40 a year and receive a free Warriors championship coffee table book* * *OAKLAND – The question left Stephen Curry pondering for almost 12 seconds. Did he like anything about the Warriors’ loss to Toronto?“Not really,” Curry said.Part of the reason for Curry’s harsh assessment? The Warriors also showed delayed reactions on defense. Not to the extent taking 12 seconds to respond. But the Warriors reacted slowly enough to allow the …last_img