Resolution at NPC by Sivaji blocked by chair

However Sivagnanam had then wanted to have the debate on another date but the chairman had not responded positively. A resolution which was submitted at the Northern Provincial Council (NPC) today by Tamil National Alliance (TNA) member M K Shivajilingam was blocked by the chairman of the council CVK Sivagnanam.Shivajilingam said that the resolution calls for an independent international investigation into the war in Sri Lanka. Sivagnanam had told the TNA member that the resolution cannot be debated today as it did not have the support of the council. Shivajilingam told the Colombo Gazette that the stand of the TNA is that the investigation on the war should not be a domestic process.He said that he and the TNA will continue to push for an international investigation to ensure the Tamils get justice. (Colombo Gazette) read more

UN agency helps more Angolan refugees repatriate from DR of Congo

A convoy took 377 refugees out of the 15,000 hosted in Kisenge, Katanga Province, to Luau in Angola’s eastern Moxico Province last Friday, Jennifer Pagonis told reporters in Geneva. Another 130 returnees travelled by convoy from Kimpese, Bas Congo Province, to M’baza Congo in northern Angola, she said. The UNHCR convoys will run twice a week for the rest of the year. UNHCR plans to help 90,000 out of the total of 145,000 Angolan refugees scheduled to be repatriated from neighbouring countries this year, Ms. Pagonis said. Some 218,000 Angolans have returned home since peace accords signed in April 2002 ended 27 years of war in their country.