How Alabama Ohio State Or Someone Else Can Crash The Playoff

CHANCE OF MAKING THE PLAYOFF How the outcome changes teams’ playoff odds UCF0.10.1<0.1<0.1 Auburn58.659.157.20.8 How the outcome changes teams’ playoff odds Miami26. Auburn58.6>99.99.444.9 USC10.611.99.01.5 Stanford3. Just as the SEC title game is basically do-or-die for the two teams involved, this contest is a simple binary for Wisconsin: Win, and clinch a semifinal berth; lose, and see those chances fall to basically nothing. Fair or not, a one-loss Wisconsin team would not compare favorably with the other playoff contenders, given its weak strength of schedule. For the Buckeyes, however, things aren’t quite that simple. Yes, they can boost their chances with a victory — which our model gives a 56 percent chance of happening — but OSU is far from a lock even if it wins. The Buckeyes will also need TCU to do them a big favor by upsetting Oklahoma — further boosting OSU’s chances to 75 percent — and hope for the committee to look favorably upon their impressive victories (and ignore their 55-24 loss to Iowa).Beyond the Big Ten, Alabama has the big rooting interest here. Since they don’t control their own destiny, the one-loss Crimson Tide need favorable contrasts in the eyes of the committee — and that means setting up a comparison against two-loss Ohio State, not undefeated Wisconsin. Bama’s playoff chances would be about 18 percentage points higher with a win by the Buckeyes than a win by the Badgers. And USC also requires an Ohio State victory here, as another component of its long-shot playoff bid. UCF0.1<0.10.1<0.1 Ohio State32.833.431.40.8 SEC Championship: Auburn vs. Georgia Saturday, 4 p.m. ET on CBS The only other game with potential playoff implications is the AAC Championship Game between Central Florida, which is making a bid for a perfect season, and Memphis. Sadly, because of UCF’s schedule strength, its chances of making the playoff are remote. But the combination of outcomes that gives the Knights the highest playoff probability (granted, still a measly 0.19 percent) involves wins by UCF, Clemson, Ohio State, TCU and Stanford. So, to all the fans of stale memes down in Orlando: Yes, I’m telling you there’s a chance.But most likely, the playoff will contain the SEC winner, the ACC winner, plus Wisconsin and Oklahoma — if they win — or Ohio State and/or Alabama (or maybe TCU or USC if the committee’s feeling really crazy) should the Badgers and/or Sooners fall. It’s an oddly tidy set of contingencies for a championship weekend that some are calling the best ever. But at the same time, I have a feeling this season isn’t quite out of surprises yet.Check out our latest college football predictions. Miami26. Using FiveThirtyEight model simulations as of Nov. 29. Average change is weighted by the probability of each outcome. TEAMCURRENTIF OHIO ST. WINSIF WISCONSIN WINSAVG. CHG (+/-) Oklahoma65.5%99.9%7.7%43.2 pts Alabama30.430.729.80.4 Big Ten Championship: Wisconsin vs. Ohio StateSaturday, 8 p.m. ET on FOX Clemson76.576.976.00.4 TEAMCURRENTIF STANFORD WINSIF USC WINSAVG. CHG (+/-) Auburn58.656.861.62.2 Wisconsin45.1%2.3%>99.9%48.1 pts Clemson76.5>99.919.233.3 Miami26. Pac-12 Championship: Southern California vs. StanfordFriday, 8 p.m. ET on ESPN UCF0.10.10.1<0.1 Stanford3. Georgia44. TCU7. USC10.613.96.43.7 TCU7. The ACC Championship is also very close to an NCAA quarterfinal. Certainly the committee is guaranteed to take Clemson (which placed No. 1 in this week’s College Football Playoff rankings) if the Tigers beat Miami for the conference crown — which our model assigns a 71 percent probability of happening. If the Canes win, our model thinks there’s roughly an 11 percent chance that they’d somehow be on the outs — think a universe in which Oklahoma, Wisconsin and Georgia all win and the committee prefers Alabama’s résumé to Miami’s — but that’s unlikely. (Miami is only one slot behind Alabama in strength of record before a hypothetical win over Clemson.)Then again, our model also says the Tigers would have about a 19 percent chance of making the playoff even if they don’t beat Miami, a scenario that most likely involves TCU and Ohio State victories muddying the water for the committee. And several other teams across the country would benefit from Clemson winning, most notably USC (in Step 5 of the Trojans’ improbable CFP charge). Auburn58.659.457.60.9 Ohio State32.833.332.30.5 Much like Wisconsin and both SEC title contestants, Oklahoma can basically assure itself of a playoff berth with a victory over TCU here. With a one-loss résumé accentuated by the most dominating offense in the nation (plus another win over a top-15 team if they do beat the Frogs), the Sooners can also help vindicate the Big 12’s decision to revive its conference championship game this year. But that decision could very well backfire on the conference, too, and leave it without a playoff team yet again if TCU pulls off the upset. We give the Sooners a 63 percent chance of winning and making all of this moot; there’s even an unlikely backdoor route for OU if it loses that involves Ohio State winning the Big Ten. But the most straightforward path for Oklahoma (and the Big 12) is a Sooner victory.For TCU’s part, its playoff hopes are remote (if not nonexistent) and wouldn’t crack 20 percent even if it does upset the Sooners. According to the swing in our model’s playoff chances, Alabama actually has the second-greatest stake in the Big 12 Championship of any team in the country, including the Frogs. Bama would see its CFP chances swell from 30 percent to 48 percent if TCU beats Oklahoma, since the one-loss Tide are directly competing with the Sooners for a playoff spot. (In fact, Alabama fans should be watching this matchup far more intently than they will the SEC title game.) Likewise, Ohio State has a big stake in TCU winning, as does USC and several other contenders. In terms of outside rooting interests, this Big 12 title game is easily the most important game of the weekend. UCF0. Oklahoma65.565.865.10.3 How the outcome changes teams’ playoff odds TEAMCURRENTIF CLEMSON WINSIF MIAMI WINSAVG. CHG (+/-) Oklahoma65.565.565.40.1 Georgia44.044.044.0<0.1 TCU7.1< Auburn58.658.958.20.4 USC10. How the outcome changes teams’ playoff odds How the outcome changes teams’ playoff odds USC10.6%<0.1%23.6%11.7 pts Miami26. USC10.611.29.10.9 Using FiveThirtyEight model simulations as of Nov. 29. Average change is weighted by the probability of each outcome. Clemson76.575.079.01.9 Georgia44.043.644.70.5 Alabama30.432.827.52.6 ACC Championship: Clemson vs. MiamiSaturday, 8 p.m. ET on ABC TCU7. Georgia44.0%0.1%96.2%47.7 pts TEAMCURRENTIF AUBURN WINSIF GEORGIA WINSAVG. CHG (+/-) Alabama30.438.520.19.1 Ohio State32.827.342.16.9 UCF0.10.1<0.1<0.1 Using FiveThirtyEight model simulations as of Nov. 29. Average change is weighted by the probability of each outcome. After 14 weeks of anticipation, we’ve made it: College football’s championship weekend is finally upon us. Come Sunday at noon, the playoff selection committee will reveal its picks for the Final Four — who still has national championship life, and who’s left out in the cold. But we don’t really have to wait until then for clues about which teams will be booking flights for Pasadena and New Orleans on New Year’s Day. Based on what happens in this week’s games and a little tinkering with our college football predictions, we can make an educated guess about what the committee’s choices will be — though it has been known to throw us a curveball every now and then. Here’s what our model says to watch for over the weekend: TEAMCURRENTIF OKLAHOMA WINSIF TCU WINSAVG. CHG (+/-) Wisconsin45. The winner of this game is practically guaranteed to make the playoff. For Auburn — which the FiveThirtyEight model has favored here with a 54 percent chance of victory — that would mean capping off one of the most remarkable stretch runs in college football history. After losing to LSU on Oct. 14, Auburn had a 5-2 record and was staring at a mere 4 percent playoff probability. But a string of wins that includes beating two No. 1-ranked teams (at game time) has the Tigers set up for a potential CFP clincher. And on the UGA side of things, the Dawgs can get sweet revenge for their 40-17 loss on the Plains in November, stamping a playoff ticket for the first time in program history.Neither team has much margin for error if it loses, however. We give Georgia a 1-in-905 chance of being picked for the playoff without an SEC title, and while Auburn’s chances are slightly better with a loss (9 percent), the Tigers would need a convoluted sequence of events that includes TCU upsetting Oklahoma just to have any glimmer of hope from the committee. And as far as outside rooting interests go, the outcome here has surprisingly little effect on the rest of the CFP picture. (Even Alabama, sitting at home twiddling its thumbs, doesn’t see its chances budge much either way.) At most, USC needs an Auburn win as part of a very specific scheme that can push its chances with the committee up to a coin flip (more on that later). TCU7. Wisconsin45. Clemson76.577.874.81.5 Clemson76.576.376.70.2 Using FiveThirtyEight model simulations as of Nov. 29. Average change is weighted by the probability of each outcome. CHANCE OF MAKING THE PLAYOFF CHANCE OF MAKING THE PLAYOFF Miami26.0%<0.1%89.2%36.8 pts Ohio State32.835.529.53.0 CHANCE OF MAKING THE PLAYOFF Alabama30.430.031.00.5 Ohio State32.858.4<0.128.7 CHANCE OF MAKING THE PLAYOFF Big 12 Championship: Oklahoma vs. TCUSaturday, 12:30 p.m. ET on FOX Alabama30.419.848.213.3 Stanford3. Wisconsin45.144.745.90.5 Stanford3. With Stanford’s College Football Playoff chances slim at best — they’ll be only 6 percent even if the Cardinal wins the Pac-12 — the only real playoff implication for this game involves a guerilla playoff push by a USC team that hasn’t ranked in the AP top 10 since September. The Trojans seemed dead in the water after being crushed by Notre Dame six weeks ago, but they’ve strung together just enough victories to stay on the periphery of the playoff conversation. Now, their best-case playoff scenario depends on the following outcomes, with games listed in order of importance:USC beats Stanford (45 percent probability)TCU beats Oklahoma (37 percent)Ohio State beats Wisconsin (56 percent)Auburn beats Georgia (54 percent)Clemson beats Miami (71 percent)Memphis beats UCF (36 percent)If all of that happens, the Trojans’ playoff chances would rise to 51 percent; the playoff field would most likely be Auburn, Clemson, Ohio State and whichever team the committee prefers between USC, Alabama and TCU. It’s not an especially likely set of circumstances — but then again, nothing about this Trojan resurgence has been likely. Oklahoma65.565.665.20.1 Wisconsin45.144.645.90.6 Georgia44.044.044.0<0.1 Stanford3.36.0<0.13.0 Using FiveThirtyEight model simulations as of Nov. 29. Average change is weighted by the probability of each outcome. Oklahoma65.566.763.91.4 read more

The Cavs Arent Even Playing That Badly

By Neil Paine and Kyle Wagner More: Apple Podcasts | ESPN App | RSS | Embed Embed Code Welcome to The Lab, FiveThirtyEight’s basketball podcast. On Monday’s show (June 4, 2018), Neil and Kyle discuss the state of the NBA Finals, which the Golden State Warriors lead 2-0. They ask whether the Warriors’ Stephen Curry is finally going to get a finals MVP award, analyze why the Cavaliers are losing even though they’re not playing terribly, and talk about how Cleveland could turn the series around at home.The Lab will be back with another episode later this week. In the meantime, keep an eye on FiveThirtyEight’s NBA predictions, which are updated after every game.

Marc Gasol Is Joel Embiids Kryptonite

To put it another way: Against average competition, Embiid rivals Stephen Curry, Giannis Antetokounmpo and James Harden as the most prolific scorer in basketball in terms of points per 100 possessions. But when he’s guarded by Gasol, he essentially turns into Dewayne Dedmon.At 7 feet tall and 250 pounds, Embiid can usually bully smaller defenders and tactically position himself in the post. But Gasol is too big to be pushed around, and it’s forcing Embiid out of his sweet spots. Throughout the series, Gasol has refused to cede ground to Embiid, denying the entry pass into the post and forcing Embiid to catch the ball outside of the paint. During the regular season, Embiid averaged 7.4 touches in the paint per game. Against Gasol and Toronto in the playoffs, Embiid is averaging just 4.2 touches in the paint per game.Another factor contributing to Embiid’s lack of paint touches is the crowd that’s been forming right around the basket. Fellow Sixer Ben Simmons can’t shoot outside of 10 feet and so positions himself near the rim, which brings his defender to effectively provide help defense when Embiid is in the post. That’s a problem especially when the help defender is Kawhi Leonard, the player who has guarded Simmons most of the series.To make up for his lack of paint touches, Embiid has had to rely on his jump shot to generate points. But that’s not his strong suit. In the regular season, Embiid shot 34 percent on jumpers. In this series, he’s just 10 for 37 (27 percent) on those shots. Gasol is forcing Embiid to do what he does least well, and it’s working to the Raptors’ advantage.The fact that Gasol has given Embiid trouble shouldn’t be all that surprising. Even at 34 years old, Gasol can still play like the defensive player of the year he once was. Just ask Nikola Vucevic: Gasol neutralized the All-Star center during the Raptors’ first-round series against the Magic. Vucevic scored just 17 points per 100 possessions when Gasol was the primary defender — a far cry from Vucevic’s season average of 32 points per 100 possessions.When Gasol was brought to Toronto in a midseason trade, it was reasonable to wonder whether the big Spaniard had enough in the tank to make a difference on a contending team. Those doubts have been put to rest, in part because Gasol has chiseled out a perfect role for himself. In Toronto, Gasol doesn’t need to anchor a defense while also serving as a primary scorer, like he was forced to do in Memphis. Instead, he’s able to focus on what he does best, which is lock down the opposing team’s best big man.In all fairness to Embiid, he’s reportedly battled through injury on top of illness during the playoffs. And if we’ve learned anything from his monster Game 3, it’s that a healthy Embiid can live up to his self-proclaimed title. The only question is whether he can do it consistently against an elite defensive stopper like Gasol.Check out our latest NBA predictions. Joel Embiid has described himself as the “most unstoppable player in the league” — and for good reason. When he’s at his best, like in Game 3 of the Eastern Conference semifinals, he can make defenders look downright foolish as he pump-fakes his way into windmill dunks. But so far in Philadelphia’s series against Toronto, Game 3 has been the exception. The Raptors have all but shut Embiid down on the offensive end, thanks in large part to Marc Gasol — the man who has perfected the art of stopping the league’s most unstoppable player.Through five games of the series — which the Raptors lead 3-2 — Gasol has matched up with Embiid on 201 possessions, holding him to just 21 points per 100 possessions. That’s a significant dip from Embiid’s season average of 37 points per 100 possessions.If you think those numbers are obscured by Embiid’s recent upper respiratory problem, consider this: Over the past two seasons (which is as far back as the NBA’s matchup data goes), Gasol has played against Embiid on nine separate occasions (including the regular season and this year’s playoffs). During that stretch, the two have matched up on a total of 379 possessions. Embiid averages just 19 points per 100 possessions when Gasol is his primary defender, by far his lowest average against anyone who has guarded him on at least 100 possessions. read more

Firstround recap Ohio State ties school record with five firstround draftees in

Former OSU running back Ezekiel Elliott poses after scoring a touchdown in the 2016 Fiesta Bowl. Elliott was one of five Buckeyes selected in the first round on Thursday. Credit: Samantha Hollingshead | Photo EditorWay back when the 2014 Buckeyes won the College Football Playoff national championship, everyone around the team knew the type of talent returning in 2015.As the season played out, it became apparent to the Ohio State faithful that there would be an extensive list of players leaving the program following the final whistle.After months of speculation and hype surrounding the former OSU football players who entered their names in the NFL draft pool, the outgoing Buckeyes lived up to the expectations on Thursday night.With five players selected in the first round, OSU fell just shy of the single-school record of six, held by the University of Miami in 2004. OSU did tie its own school record of first-round picks set in 2006.The first day of the draft was headlined for the Buckeyes by defensive end Joey Bosa and running back Ezekiel Elliott, taken by the San Diego Chargers and the Dallas Cowboys at No. 3 and No. 4 overall, respectively.Eli Apple, Taylor Decker, and Darron Lee also heard their names called by NFL Commissioner Roger Goodell on Thursday night inside the Auditorium Theater in Chicago.After Bosa and Elliott were quickly taken off the board, most people thought a dozen or so picks would pass by before the next Buckeye was taken. But coming as arguably the biggest surprise pick of the first round, the New York Giants reached a bit to take the cornerback Apple with the 10th pick.Multiple media sources have stated that this is the first time in NFL history that a team has had three selections inside the first 10 picks. However, this has been accomplished 12 times before, with Oklahoma the last team to do so in 2010.It is the first time in program history that three players from the Scarlet and Gray were selected in the first 10 picks of the NFL draft. When Decker and Lee were selected at No. 16 and No. 20, respectively, OSU became just the second school in the history of the draft to have five picks in the top 20. With 11 picks remaining in the first round, many wondered if safety Vonn Bell or wide receiver Michael Thomas would come off the board to tie the mark set by the Hurricanes.In the end, the talented class from the Scarlet and Gray still boasted an impressive first-round showing in Chicago, drawing attention from all over the NFL. With the first round concluded, nine former OSU players remain on most draft boards entering the final two days of the draft. Bell and Thomas are likely to be two of the first Buckeyes selected, along with the possibility of wide receiver Braxton Miller.A pair of offensive players, quarterback Cardale Jones and tight end Nick Vannett, add to the list of potential second and third day picks. Vannett has gained the most attention from NFL teams prior to the draft, but many analysts are predicting Jones to be a late selection.Linebacker Joshua Perry is predicted to go in the middle rounds, while defensive tackle Adolphus Washington is expected to accompany Perry somewhere around the halfway point of the draft. The draft is set to continue on Friday with the second and third rounds, and Saturday with Rounds 4 through 7. By the end of the weekend, OSU will begin to threaten its own NFL draft record of 14 total picks from one school set in 2004. read more

Senior mens tennis aces show love for the game

As the Ohio State men’s tennis team enters its last team competition of the 2010–11 season Friday, its three graduating seniors look to lead their team one final time during the NCAA Team Championship Tournament. Senior co-captains Matt Allare, Shuhei Uzawa and Balazs Novak spent the past four years building their leadership skills both on and off the court. “They’re class acts,” coach Ty Tucker said of the trio after the team’s last regular-season match. “They were taught by the guys who came before them, and they really stepped up this season.” All three seniors played doubles this season, but Allare and Novak played singles as well in almost every match they played. Allare was selected last week as one of four Buckeyes who will compete in the NCAA Singles and Doubles Tournament from May 25–30. He is an at-large selection in singles and in doubles with his partner, redshirt freshman Peter Kobelt. Freshman Blaz Rola and junior Chase Buchanan also were selected to play in the singles and doubles championship. Each will play singles in addition to acting as a doubles partner. After OSU had technically won the Big Ten season title in its match against Indiana, Novak didn’t talk about his individual performance when describing the match. “Everyone fought hard and everyone tried their best,” he said following the match. “I’m proud of them.” Allare said at one point during the season that he was “more concerned” with the team as a whole and wanted to win his matches just to benefit the team. In keeping with that spirit, these seniors would like to leave a legacy behind by bringing home OSU’s first-ever men’s tennis national title. “I can’t even put into words what that would mean,” Allare said. It would mean everything, Novak said. Uzawa agreed with both of his teammates. Allare said his underclassman teammates would be just as excited to win the championship “but they have three more years to let it soak in.” “We just need to focus on the first two rounds,” Novak said. “Since we’re not one or two the pressure is not as great.” But Allare added that if they lose, the team is out, meaning their hopes of bringing home the championship are over. “We just need to give it everything we’ve got,” Uzawa said. Whether they win or lose, these seniors will have left a legacy of skill and leadership with the OSU program. “They’ve been great guys,” Tucker said. “We’re gonna miss them.” read more

Opinion Switching sports as a pro is an option in order to

Seattle Seahawks quarterback Russell Wilson (3) briefly took part in the Texas Rangers spring training.Credit: Courtesy of TNSOne thing’s for sure: football isn’t good for your long-term health.As exhibited by the early retirement of former San Francisco 49ers linebacker Chris Borland this month, there are better long-term options than repeatedly smashing year head, with or without a helmet. The issue of concussions in football — especially the NFL — has sparked debate far and wide in recent years, with retirements like Borland’s providing a somewhat positive example of a solution.Then there’s the grim incidents related to concussions — like the suicide of Hall of Fame linebacker Junior Seau.Of course any athlete would like to avoid serious brain damage, but many aren’t willing to give up their millions like Borland. NFL players are in the NFL for one obvious reason: they’re good at football. In many cases, they’re better at football than anything else.But that all starts with one thing: athletic talent.So Chris Borland — who played just one year in the NFL — is passing on his most obvious career path early in order to promote his own health later in life.He might have a plan worked out, but it probably won’t be as lucrative as the salary of a star NFL linebacker.If an athlete is talented enough to make it in the NFL, there’s a chance they could stay on the field by switching to a new sport.Seattle Seahawks quarterback Russell Wilson, who has a win and a loss in the past two Super Bowls, has been spending some time with the Texas Rangers during their spring training workouts. Wilson is a former minor league baseball player with major league talent.It’s widely accepted that he’s simply working out with the Rangers — who own his MLB draft rights — for fun. But when it comes to long-term health, wouldn’t Wilson be better off switching to baseball now?My guess is it would only take one player switching sports, especially if that player was in the spotlight as much as Wilson. If the former N.C. State and Wisconsin quarterback decided to hang up his football helmet and grab his baseball glove, he could spark a brand-new trend.There’s no doubt injuries still happen in baseball, but there’s also no doubt injuries to the head are less prevalent.Now I know there are a select few NFL players who could successfully switch to baseball, but if it becomes anything close to a trend, that tendency could trickle down to younger ages.There’s a good chance the only way to eliminate the risk of football-related brain injuries is to quit playing football. If young kids start seeing their football heroes switching sports, they’d be much more likely to pick baseball, basketball, soccer or any other sport over football.Nobody wants one concussion, and the idea of life-altering brain injuries is even worse.I can’t say I want to see football go away completely — I love the sport — but I can say I’d be curious to see what happens if Wilson chose to switch sports full time.Maybe nothing would change, or maybe the next Odell Beckham Jr. — a former United States Men’s National Soccer Team prospect — will be suiting up for the 2022 World Cup instead of Super Bowl LVI. read more

Logan Stieber named Big Ten Male Athlete of the Year

Ohio State’s Logan Stieber reacts after winning his fourth consecutive NCAA title by beating Edinboro’s Mitchell Port in the 141-pound championship match during the NCAA Division I Wrestling Championships on March 21, 2015, at the Scottrade Center in St. Louis.Credit: Courtesy of TNSAfter winning his fourth individual national championship in as many years and helping the Ohio State wrestling team to its first-ever team championship, Logan Stieber was named the Big Ten Jesse Owens Male Athlete of the Year on Wednesday morning.Stieber, who ended his collegiate career on a 50-match winning streak dating back to December 2013, was the first wrestler in Big Ten history to complete a perfect 4-for-4 individual championship career, and just the fourth college wrestler to ever pull off the feat. He won the Dan Hodge Trophy as the nation’s top wrestler for his senior season, the first recipient in OSU history.“Logan is a special student-athlete who has left a legacy at Ohio State,” OSU wrestling coach Tom Ryan said in a press release. “His four national titles are the first ever for a Big Ten athlete, but it was his ability to lead the program to our first-ever NCAA team title that most accurately defines him. I am proud that someone who has worked as hard as he has for as long as he has is receiving such great recognition.”Wrestling in the 141-pound weight class, the Monroeville, Ohio, native is the fourth OSU athlete to win Male Athlete of the Year honors, following basketball’s Evan Turner in 2010, gymnast Blaine Wilson in 1997 and football’s Eddie George the year prior.A fellow national champion, rowing’s Ashley Bauer, was OSU’s nominee for Female Athlete of the Year honors. However, the award went to Maryland junior lacrosse player Taylor Cummings, who was named Most Outstanding Player of the championship for the national champion Terrapins.Three former OSU athletes have won Female Athlete of the Year accolades: track and field’s Christina Manning in 2012, basketball’s Jessica Davenport in 2007 and volleyball’s Laura Davis in 1995.The award was first issued in 1982 for male athletes, with the honor for females being added a year later.Stieber also saw his name announced Wednesday as a nominee for Best Male College Athlete at ESPN’s 2015 ESPY Awards. Stieber is one of three OSU nominees at the ESPYs, alongside redshirt junior quarterback Cardale Jones for Best Breakthrough Athlete and football coach Urban Meyer for Best Coach/Manager.The ESPY Awards, which can be voted for on ESPN’s website, will be announced live on July 15 at 8 p.m. read more

Football No 4 Ohio State releases depth chart ahead of matchup with

Members of the Ohio State football team sing “Carmen Ohio” following the Ohio State-Oregon State game on Sept. 1. Ohio State won 77-31. Credit: Casey Cascaldo | Photo EditorAfter recording wins over Oregon State and Rutgers to start the 2018 season, No. 4 Ohio State released its depth chart ahead of its first ranked game of the season, a neutral-site matchup against No. 15 TCU. After defeating the Scarlet Knights 52-3 on Saturday, the Buckeyes will bring the same depth chart when the team travels to Arlington, Texas. With the same offensive line, Ohio State still has both redshirt junior Mike Weber and sophomore J.K. Dobbins splitting time at running back and redshirt sophomore Luke Farrell and redshirt junior Rashod Berry splitting time at tight end. On defense, sophomore linebacker Baron Browning is still listed as the starter at middle linebacker with redshirt sophomore listed at No. 2 Tuf Borland as he continues to recover from his Achilles injury. At safety, sophomore Isaiah Pryor and redshirt sophomore Jahsen Wint are listed as co-starters alongside junior Jordan Fuller. Ohio State will take on TCU at AT&T Stadium in Arlington, TX. on Sept. 15 at 8 p.m. read more

Opinion Ohio State mens hockey blew it

Ohio State sophomore goalie Tommy Nappier goes down on one knee during the Buckeyes’ game against Michigan State on March 1. Ohio State won 5-1. Credit: Nick Hudak | For The LanternThe date is Oct. 8. Ohio State men’s hockey comes in at No. 1 in the poll before even playing a game this season.The Buckeyes bring the vast majority of their talent back from the season before, a season where they stunned college hockey on the way to making a Frozen Four run, the second in the program’s history.Sure, Ohio State loses Matthew Weis, the third-best scorer on the team, but Weis was injured throughout the entirety of the NCAA tournament, so the players coming back are well aware of their ability to make it without him.Ohio State loses a strong defenseman in Janik Moser, as well as some solid depth players in Christian Lampasso, Kevin Miller and Luke Stork. But it brings back much, much more.The date is Feb. 9. Ohio State is the No. 2 team in the country on the back of a seven-game win streak, and is playing up to the lofty expectations put before it.Then it all went up in smoke.For a team that had all the talent, all the experience and all the core pieces it needed to not only get back to the Frozen Four, but win it, all it took for Ohio State to throw it all away was losing the chip on its shoulder that it had through the past three seasons.Growing complacent after all but sealing both the Big Ten and their tournament bid, the Buckeyes went 1-6-1 in their final eight games, looking like a shell of their former selves.In 2017, Ohio State squeaked its way into the tournament, a major win for the program in its own right, then took the eventual NCAA runner-up to overtime before falling 3-2.In 2018, the Buckeyes squeaked its way into a No. 1 seed, were still considered the underdog in their region and proceeded to put a beatdown on Denver, the reigning national champions, before losing to the team that would eventually win the tournament.Both of those losses were to Minnesota Duluth. Ohio State would have had to make the final for the potential to play the Bulldogs for a third time.Anyone who watched this team the past six weeks knew that was not going to happen.Through losing six of its final eight games, Ohio State’s consistent offense went missing, its’ even more consistent defense and goaltending turned to swiss cheese and the motivation that was evident throughout the locker room to win the whole thing turned from action to simply words.It seemed the Buckeyes found their wake-up call in the Big Ten tournament, getting embarrassed as the No. 1 seed by Penn State in a 5-1 beatdown on Ohio State’s home ice.Captain and senior forward Mason Jobst saw the lack of drive from his team that day. He thought Ohio State could flip the switch come NCAA tournament time.“If [Penn State] lost tonight, their season was actually over, and as much as I hate to say, maybe we didn’t have that desperation because we kind of knew that we were in the tournament,” Jobst said. “Now, as a senior class, the true desperation is gonna come out … our lives are on the line every single game from here on out.”Ohio State dropped to a No. 3 seed because of its’ late-season struggles, and got a rematch with Denver in the first round, a year after beating the Pioneers 5-1 to advance to the Frozen Four.Denver had the chip on its shoulder the Buckeyes had for the past two seasons. That was gone now, and the Pioneers came out with a 2-0 victory, officially eliminating Ohio State, ruining the program’s greatest chance to win a national championship it has ever had.The Buckeyes only have themselves to blame.The Denver-Ohio State game was a tight one, and one the Buckeyes certainly had a chance to win. Ohio State outshot the Pioneers 24-13, and only gave up one goal prior to pulling sophomore goalie Tommy Nappier.But that’s not really the point. The point is that Ohio State shouldn’t have had to play Denver again, and most certainly not in the first round.The date is March 30. Ohio State should be preparing for its’ second round matchup in the season that this program has dreamed about for the past four years since Jobst’s impressive freshman season, and likely for much longer before that.Instead, the players are forced to watch from afar, only left to think about what went so wrong so fast.Next year, the same high expectations likely won’t be there.Jobst is gone, leaving behind one of the greatest individual legacies the program has ever seen. Joining him is Big Ten Defensive Player of the Year Sasha Larocque, goalie Sean Romeo and key contributors like Dakota Joshua, Freddy Gerard, John Wiitala and Brendon Kearney.This was the year for Ohio State to win its’ first national title.Instead, it was bounced in the first round to a team it thoroughly outplayed a season ago.There was something special about that Frozen Four team in 2018, and it wasn’t necessarily the talent. But this year, with increased talent and increased expectation, the Buckeyes crumbled and faltered, leaving nothing but unknowns about if the players returning for next season can still pick up all the pieces. read more

Lake District walkers who rely on smartphones rather than maps blamed for

first_imgThe organisation’s Jeff Carroll said people relying on systems such as GPS and maps on mobile phones has been a major issue.Instead, he urged tourists, walkers and cyclists who explore their beauty spot’s countless mountain trails to carry a simple compass and Ordnance Survey paper map.On Thursday, an inquest heard that a university librarian was killed while descending Snowdonia’s 3,000ft Tryfan peak after her husband used a smartphone app to navigate instead of a map. But the volunteers said that is more than they dealt with in all of 2015 and fear the increase in unprepared climbers means 2016 will be a record year for emergencies.Wasdale spokesman Richard Warren said their pleas for people to climb in suitable clothing, plan routes and learn to read a map are falling on deaf ears.Mr Warren said: “We have been trying to reduce the numbers of avoidable incidents with little success.”The Lake District is again heading for a record year for call-outs and it is becoming quite shocking the level of ill preparedness and lack of basic outdoor skills necessary to safely get up a mountain.”We are all volunteers and there is a limit to what we can do. We’ve had 80 ‘999’ calls since the start of the year, 20 of these in the first three weeks of August and at least 14 avoidable.” An over-reliance on electronic equipment has been blamed for the slow increase in callouts for busy Lake District mountain rescuers.Coniston Mountain Rescue Team said by September 2015 it had sprung into action 44 times – already one more than the whole of 2014. Don’t rely on your mobile to get you out of trouble – in many areas of the mountains there is no signal coverageMountain Rescue England and Wales Want the best of The Telegraph direct to your email and WhatsApp? Sign up to our free twice-daily  Front Page newsletter and new  audio briefings. On the Mountain Rescue England and Wales website, it urges readers to only use mobile phones for making emergency calls, not for map-reading.It states: “A map and compass are essential kit and should be easily accessible – not buried in the rucksack! “A mobile phone and GPS are useful tools, but don’t rely on your mobile to get you out of trouble – in many areas of the mountains there is no signal coverage.”Your mobile phone may not be the most reliable way of calling for help. Batteries can very quickly run flat and signal coverage in the hills is still a hit and miss affair.”That said, the use of mobiles has grown enormously in the last ten years and the majority of calls for mountain rescue help are made by mobile.”The days of running down the hill to the nearest telephone box to summon help – it would appear – are well and truly over!” Mountain rescuers in the Lake District have criticised unprepared climbers and walkers after revealing that 2016 is already a record year for call-outs.The Wasdale rescue team deals with calls to Scafell Pike, which is the highest mountain in England and the central peak in the popular Three Peaks Challenge.Rescuers have spoken of their “shock” at how walkers lack “basic” outdoors skills and use mobile phone GPS instead of a map and compass.Earlier this week, the team dealt with six emergencies in 12 hours – including 18 people stuck at a stream crossing on Lingmell Gill – and this year have handled in total 80 call-outs. It is becoming quite shocking the level of ill preparedness and lack of basic outdoor skills necessary to safely get up a mountainWasdale rescue volunteer Richard Warrenlast_img read more

Glenn Closes big comeback pays off with first West End theatre award

first_imgPrince William at The Old Vic Theatre for the ceremony  Glenn Close has completed her theatre comeback at the age of 69, winning the Evening Standard award for best musical performance for her West End debut.Close made her first appearance on the London stage in Sunset Boulevard this year, playing fading star Norma Desmond 20 years after she won a Tony for the role on Broadway. Sir Ian McKellen took a star turn at the ceremony as a pantomime dame in full drag, while Sir Kenneth regaled the audience with tales of how a distracted Dame Judi Dench had once forgotten to put a skirt on before a key scene in The Winter’s Tale. Fashion model Lily Donaldson attends a cocktail reception at the awards in an off-the-shoulder black dressCredit: David M. Benett Billie Piper wore a black dress with her hair in a topknot  She has previously admitted her debut on the West Stage stage was “daunting”, adding it was  ““something you never dreamed you would ever have the chance to do”. Billie Piper wore a black dress with her hair in a topknot Credit: AFP The winners in full:BEST ACTOR: Ralph Fiennes  for The Master Builder (Old Vic) & Richard III (Almeida)NATASHA RICHARDSON AWARD FOR BEST ACTRESS: Billie Piper for Yerma (Young Vic)BEST PLAY: Harry Potter and the Cursed Child, co-written by Jack Thorne, JK Rowling & John Tiffany (Palace)BEST MUSICAL PERFORMANCE: Glenn Close for Sunset Boulevard (Coliseum)RADIO 2 AUDIENCE AWARD FOR BEST MUSICAL: Jesus Christ Superstar, Regent’s Park Open Air TheatreMILTON SHULMAN AWARD FOR BEST DIRECTOR: John Malkovich, Good Canary (Rose Kingston)BEST REVIVAL: No Man’s Land, Wyndham’s (dir Sean Mathias)BEST DESIGN: Gareth Fry with Pete Malkin (sound design) for The Encounter (Edinburgh International Festival/Barbican)CHARLES WINTOUR AWARD FOR MOST PROMISING PLAYWRIGHT: Charlene James  for Cuttin’ It (Young Vic/Royal Court)EMERGING TALENT AWARD: Tyrone Huntley, Jesus Christ Superstar (Regent’s Park Open Air Theatre)BEYOND THEATRE: Sir David Attenborough, for his contribution to broadcastingEDITOR’S AWARD: Good Chance TheatreLEBEDEV AWARD: Sir Kenneth Branagh, for his Plays at the Garrick Bloom looked happy to sign autographs with dozens of fans turning out Credit:PRESS ASSOCIATION  Close in character in Sunset Boulevard The Night Manager's Elizabeth Debicki Want the best of The Telegraph direct to your email and WhatsApp? Sign up to our free twice-daily  Front Page newsletter and new  audio briefings. Harry Potter and the Cursed Child, the undisputed box office smash of the year, picked up the award for best play, one of the three prizes it was nominated for, while John Malkovich wond best director for Good Canary.The Duke of Cambridge presented three special awards at the Old Vic ceremony, recognizing Sir David Attenborough for his outstanding contribution to broadcasting. The 62nd Evening Standards Awards were presented by Sir Elton John, with guests including Mark Rylance, James McAvoy, Dominic Cooper, Salma Hayek, Tom Hollander, Orlando Bloom, Sir Michael Gambon, Dame Joan Collins, Kristin Scott Thomas, Dame Eileen Atkins, Dame Maggie Smith, Sir Patrick and Lady Stewart. The Night Manager’s Elizabeth Debicki Credit:Daniel Deme/ “On top of that was the amazing response from our audience.”It was a huge honour. I hope to come back one day.”center_img The actress was one of several celebrity winners at the ceremony, as Billie Piper won best actress for Yerma, for her portrayal of a woman driven to the unthinkable by her desperate desire to have a child, and Ralph Fiennes took best actor for The Master Builder.Lord Lloyd Webber, the composer of Sunset Boulevard, also picked up the Radio 2 Audience Award for the revival of Jesus Christ Superstar, telling an audience: “I have just worked out it has taken 45 years for Jesus Christ Superstar to win an award. So thank you.” Sheridan Smith, who was also nominated for best musical performance, in Funny Girl Lily Donaldson attends a cocktail reception at the awards in an off-the-shoulder black dress Elizabeth Hurley at the awards  Prince William at The Old Vic Theatre for the ceremony Credit:David M. Benett  Close in character in Sunset Boulevard Sheridan Smith poses before the awards ceremony  Elizabeth Hurley at the awards Credit: Ian West Sheridan Smith poses before the awards ceremony Credit:Ian West/PA Wire Piper saw off stiff competition from  Noma Dumezweni, Helen McCrory and Sophie Melville, to win best actress, while Fiennes’s best actor win left Sir Ian McKellen, Sir Kenneth Branagh, James McArdle and O-T Fagbenle empty handed.Close’s win marks her first London theatre award, after a stellar career which has already seen her secure three Emmy Awards, three Tony Awards and six Academy Award nominations. Close beat competition from Sheridan Smith in Funny Girl to win the award for her star turn at the London Coliseum, which saw the veteran actress hospitalised with a chest infection during the gruelling run.Close said: “It was 22 years ago that I did Norma for the first time. To come back for the first time in the West End , to be supported by the glorious ENO…it was an extraordinary, revelatory experience for me. Bloom looked happy to sign autographs with dozens of fans turning out  Sir Kenneth Branagh won a special award for his Garrick season, a surprise theatre comeback which saw him director or star infive plays in a year, roping in the talents of Dame Judi Dench along the way.The Duke also hailed the Good Chance Theatre, set up by British playwrights in the Calais jungle and supported by celebrities including Benedict Cumberbatch and Carey Mulligan. Sheridan Smith, who was also nominated for best musical performance, in Funny Girllast_img read more

Number of patients facing the indignity of mixedsex wards triples in two

first_imgAlmost 1,000 patients a month are being treated on mixed sex wards, despite repeated pledges to stamp out the practice, new figures reveal.Official statistics show that the number of patients suffering the “indignity” of staying in mixed-sex wards rose to 908 last month.Overall, 9,004 patients stayed on mixed-sex wards between August 2016 and July 2017 – a near trebling in two years, and a 55 per cent rise in one year.The Conservatives had pledged in their 2010 and 2015 general election manifestos to end mixed-sex hospital wards but it was dropped from the policy programme Theresa May took into this year’s election.Earlier this week a report found that NHS patients are increasingly dissatisfied with the level of privacy afforded to them in hospital. Scores for hospital food had risen, according to the reportCredit:PA A patient-led study assessing the non-clinical aspect of NHS care shows that scores in the area of “privacy, dignity and wellbeing” have decreased by four per cent since 2014.Liberal Democrat health spokesman Norman Lamb said: “Under Theresa May’s watch, we’ve seen a scandalous rise in the number of patients being forced to stay in mixed-sex wards.”Men and women shouldn’t have to share hospital wards, it’s an affront to basic human dignity. Scores for hospital food had risen, according to the report Want the best of The Telegraph direct to your email and WhatsApp? Sign up to our free twice-daily  Front Page newsletter and new  audio briefings.center_img “It’s time to end the the continued underfunding of the NHS and care that is putting intolerable pressure on services and leading to these sorts of failures.”The Conservatives once pledged to end mixed-sex wards, now it seems they’ve given up.”The Government must recommit to closing mixed-sex wards instead of turning a blind eye.”Figures published by NHS England show there were 9,004 mixed sex ‘breaches’ in the last 12 months including 908 in July.This compares to 5,830 for the same period in 2015/16 and just 3,309 in 2014/15.Hospitals must now pay out up to £250 for every mixed-sex breach – defined as a night spent by a patient on a mixed-sex ward.Labour shadow health minister Justin Madders said: “Theresa May’s first year as Prime Minister has been characterised by a collapse in patient standards, with hospitals bursting at the seams and wards overstretched. “This unprecedented failure on mixed sex wards has left thousands more patients humiliated and lacking the basic dignity and respect they expect when being treated in hospital.”He added: “Unlike the Tories, Labour will end the unacceptable practice of mixed sex wards and ensure our health service receives the funding it urgently needs.” A Department of Health spokesman said: ‘All patients deserve to be treated with dignity and respect while in the care of the NHS and men and women shouldn’t be forced to share hospital accommodation.’Whilst this month has seen slight increases, since 2010 mixed-sex accommodation breaches are down from almost 12,000 a month to less than 1,000 in July this year.’An NHS Improvement spokesperson said:“While there are circumstances – such as the need to treat patients in an emergency – where patients might be in mixed wards or bays, the NHS is committed to continue to reduce the number of patients treated in mixed sex accommodation. We expect that breaches are monitored at organisational level and plans put in place to deal with the problem.last_img read more

British river has worst recorded microplastic pollution in the world study finds

first_imgThe team examined river sediments from 40 sites across Greater Manchester including urban rivers and rural streams. They found microplastic everywhere even in the remote parts of Saddleworth Moor in the South Pennines. Want the best of The Telegraph direct to your email and WhatsApp? Sign up to our free twice-daily  Front Page newsletter and new  audio briefings. But the River Tame at Denton was found to have the highest levels of microplastics recorded anywhere in the… A British river has the worst microplastic pollution in the world, researchers have found, with levels even greater than hugely built-up areas such as in South Korea and Hong Kong. Geographers at The University of Manchester are calling for tighter regulations to prevent plastic entering waterways after finding ‘extraordinarily’ high concentrations in north west England.last_img read more

Social media firms failing to take down gang rival videos because they

As revealed last week by The Daily Telegraph, she is also considering curbs on automated profiling of children and marketing, product placement and adverts targeted at them.Under the consultation launched today, it is also likely the firms will have to ensure children have the highest safety settings as default for privacy and geo-locators. Terms and conditions will have to be clear and understandable.Parents and children will be specifically consulted on the proposed code to ensure children experience online is appropriate to their age.When children can master a tablet before they learn to ride a bike and when kids as young as 13 can sign up for social media accounts, then the websites and apps they use must be designed with consideration of children’s rights and needs built in.Protect yourself and your family. Find out more about our Duty of Care campaign to regulate social media Social media firms are failing to detect gang videos because they don’t understand youth lingo, the head of the UK’s biggest children’s charity has said.Almost 80% of Barnardo’s frontline staff reported that platforms like YouTube were being used to coerce, control or manipulate children as young as eight for drug running, knife attacks and sex trafficking.A third of its senior staff said such criminal exploitation was rising with just 1% saying it was decreasing, according to the survey of 224 managers responsible for 370 services across the UK.Barnardo’s chief executive Javed Khan told The Daily Telegraph that of particular concern was the way gangs often used coded language to communicate which was difficult to pick up by the social media firms’ algorithms, particularly as it changed rapidly.He said social media firms were not doing enough to protect vulnerable children, citing “baiting the skets”, one current coded term to describe the way social media is used to destroy a young person’s self-esteem or coerce a young girl into joining a gang. Another was “plugging”, one of the most shocking practices of the gangs, where a young boy or girl is forced to carry drugs inside their body with the risk that if caught by a rival gang the drugs are forced out by hand. “Gangs are using social media such as YouTube to goad and disrespect members of rival gangs and inciting violence. They are playing out their warfare on social media, not just on the streets,” said Mr Khan, an expert in gangs who previously led London’s Serious Youth Violence Board.“But the videos are much more sophisticated than just waving a blade around; with many, if the context to a video is not clear it may appear to simply be a music video but is actually publicly goading another gang.“This is dangerous because algorithms, social media companies, trusted flaggers or the police may not be aware of the context and may not flag the content up.“Rival gangs are also antagonising each other by filming themselves on their rivals ‘territory’. The videos in this case do not have to be violent to create tension; just by showing disrespect by being on the other gang’s patch can have a big effect.” He added: “Tech companies are simply not doing enough to protect vulnerable children and need to take action now to ensure dangerous or inflammatory content is removed.”Other words, largely drawn from Jamaican Patois, include skengs (guns), borras (knives), nittys (drug addicts) neeks (drug dealers), lurk (to go into the darkness), live corn (ammunition), crash corn (to bust or shoot your gun), hooters (shooters), dumpies (shotguns) spinners (revolvers) and eastmen (east Londoners), northmen or southmen. Barnardo’s said they also knew the line for prosecution, knowing a hilt of a knife could be shown but not a blade. Martin Hewitt, assistant commissioner of the Metropolitan Police, said the force had identified 1,400 gang videos that officers were using for intelligence, prosecutions or had been taken down.He said they ranged from videos glamorising violence to direct threats that had led to murders, in effect “revving up” the violence and anger of gangs.“What previously would have been a conflict between one gang and another that would have found its way through word of mouth to various things can now very quickly become amplified as it moves across the various platforms,” Mr Hewitt said.Sheldon Thomas, chief executive of Gangsline, a consultancy that trains professionals to understand gang mentality, said social media had helped extend recruitment into middle class homes in suburban towns such as Chelmsford where he knew of 11-year olds dealing drugs.It was wrong, he said, to suggest they had better parenting but were lured into gang culture because their parents “do not engage with them.” “These kids go on to their phones and look at YouTube videos…and are brought into the culture of gangs through the videos,” he said.“The principal of one school [in Chelmsford] told me that 70% of the white kids thought they were black because of the music they were listening to.” It comes as social media companies face a crackdown on the “addictive” tactics they use to keep children online including auto-play videos and night-time notifications under plans unveiled today  (Wed) by the information commissioner Elizabeth Denham. Want the best of The Telegraph direct to your email and WhatsApp? Sign up to our free twice-daily  Front Page newsletter and new  audio briefings. read more

Gamers as young as 12 have suffered deep vein thrombosis after hardly

Experts have urged the gaming firms to introduce alerts into the games and labels telling players to take breaks at least every 90 minutes Want the best of The Telegraph direct to your email and WhatsApp? Sign up to our free twice-daily  Front Page newsletter and new  audio briefings. Experts have urged the gaming firms to introduce alerts into the games and labels telling players to take breaks at least every 90 minutes Professor Beverley Hunt, medical director of Thrombosis UK, said they had dealt with a number of cases involving young patients with thrombosis, aged under 18, who were so addicted to gaming that they played during the night into the early hours of the morning. Professor Richard Beasley, director of New Zealand’s Medical Research Institute and world expert in DVT and PE, said: “It really illustrates the strength of the risk that it can affect a person aged 12 who you would never expect to develop a blood clot.”He said there needed to be greater public and medical attention to the risks from people’s and children’s immobility due to the demands of modern office work and leisure pursuits such as gaming.“It really needs to be a research area of priority just as it has been with air travel which is now well recognised. People are now sitting for longer periods than they are even in long distance air travel,” he said.His research showed immobility at work and on the computer or gaming at home could treble the risk of DVT and/or PE.There are more than 2,000 deaths a year from pulmonary embolisms (PE) or thrombosis in the UK each year. The latest figures show those among under 30s doubled from nine to 18 in 2016, according to the Office for National Statistics. The DVT and resulting pulmonary embolism (PE) were generally in their legs and followed three hours of non-stop playing without moving, although one player it in his arms after playing lying on his back for three hours.It was also associated with dehydration as they were so absorbed they ignored their body’s “thirst reflex” to drink, said the researchers at Royal Perth Hospital. “When you talk to them, the addiction is there in the sense that they would deny they need to go to the toilet or to eat,” she said.She urged the gaming firms to introduce alerts into the games and labels telling players to take breaks at least every 90 minutes.“There is increasing risk from DVT when you have 30% of the British population officially obese and people leading more sedentary lives. We estimate 1 in 1000 people will have a DVT,” said Professor Hunt, a consultant and professor of thrombosis and haemostasis.Dr Jo Twist, chief executive of UKIE, the gaming industry’s trade body, said there was no conclusive evidence to link video games directly to DVT but added: “We encourage all games players to take regular breaks of roughly five minutes for every hour of play and there are parental controls on all consoles that can set restrictions on the amount of time spent playing games. We promote this and other safe and sensible gaming advice wherever we can.” Computer gamers as young as 12 have suffered potentially-deadly deep vein thrombosis (DVT) after becoming so absorbed in their games they hardly moved for more than three hours, a new study has revealed.The cases have alarmed medical experts who say its virtually unknown for children so young to suffer DVT.DVT, where blood clots form from lack of movement in the legs, is normally restricted to older patients who have thicker blood, are less active and are more likely to be overweight.It is more commonly associated with long-haul air travel but studies led by the Medical Research Institute of New Zealand has shown increasing incidence from people’s sedentary lifestyles due to computer working, TV and film viewing and gaming.–– ADVERTISEMENT ––The 12-year-old had played for four hours with his legs in a kneeling position when he suffered a blood clot. Like other cases including a 15-year-old, he was young, healthy and with no other known risk factors. read more

Domestic abusers and stalkers should sign national register like sex offenders commons

Yvette Cooper. chair of the Commons committeeCredit:Charlotte Graham Domestic abusers and stalkers should be forced to sign a national register like sex offenders, a cross-party parliamentary report has said.They should be monitored under the same arrangements as rapists and paedophiles, giving greater protection to victims who live in fear of their tormentors.The Commons Home Affairs Committee backed calls for a register of serial stalkers and domestic violence perpetrators to be introduced “as a matter of urgency”.The perpetrators would have to register with the police within 72 hours of being convicted or cautioned and have to notify officers if they intend to move house or travel abroad.Under the proposals, individuals on the register would be managed through multi-agency public protection arrangements (Mappa), the system used to manage the risks posed by violent and sexual offenders living in the community.The report says: “Stalking is a serious crime which can have a devastating impact on the lives of victims. Yvette Cooper. chair of the Commons committee Stalkers and domestic abusers would have to register with their local police forceCredit:David Cheskin/PA “Victims of stalking often endure years of abuse before the crime is taken seriously. We were told that existing criminal justice responses were often ineffective in stopping perpetrators.”Calls for a register have been led by Paladin National Stalking Advocacy Service, which told the committee in a written submission: “A radical cultural shift is needed as current police practice is dire and not working.”The register will save lives and money.”Laura Richards, founder of Paladin, said it would involve those who have been convicted and those who have offended on two occasions against two separate women.She welcomed the committee’s support but told the Telegraph that it was now time for the government to act.“It makes sense that the perpetrators of domestic abuse and stalking should be included in the same framework that is already in place for sex offenders,” she said.“It is simply an expansion of conditions that are already in place but places the onus on the perpetrator rather than the victim.”She said the Domestic Violence Disclosure Scheme, or Clare’s Law, was dependent on an individual asking about an offender’s history but that this would ensure offenders were tracked by the police as a matter of course.In another recommendation, the Committee urged the Government to consult on introducing paid “domestic abuse leave” to help victims keep their jobs and maintain economic independence while escaping abuse.The report flagged up a “desperate shortage” of refuge accommodation and raised concerns that welfare reform policies are making it more difficult for victims to leave their abusers.It also said that while evidence indicates the police response to victims of domestic abuse is improving, there continue to be instances where it is “inadequate”.The findings were set out in a wide-ranging assessment of the Government’s strategy for tackling domestic abuse. Stalkers and domestic abusers would have to register with their local police force Plans unveiled by ministers earlier this year include new orders to place restrictions such as electronic tagging on abusers, a new statutory definition of domestic abuse including a reference to “economic” abuse, and tougher sentences for crimes that affect children.Yvette Cooper, the Labour MP and chair of the Commons committee, said: “Domestic abuse is one of the most dangerous and the most common crimes there is.”The Government is rightly proposing new legislation and a new strategy, but our inquiry found much stronger action is needed across the board.”The Government said improving the management of serial domestic abuse perpetrators and stalkers was high on its agenda, adding that it has been working to examine the current framework in detail and acknowledging the scope to improve information sharing, risk assessment and disclosure.Katie Ghose, chief executive of Women’s Aid, said: “The domestic abuse bill is a golden opportunity to transform the lives of survivors and tackle the root causes of domestic abuse once and for all.”To achieve this, the bill must reflect the reality of survivors’ experiences.”An estimated 1.9 million adults experienced domestic abuse in the previous 12 months, according to the Crime Survey for England and Wales for the year ending March 2017. Want the best of The Telegraph direct to your email and WhatsApp? Sign up to our free twice-daily  Front Page newsletter and new  audio briefings. read more

Students banned from accessing university emails for failing to pay rent against

Want the best of The Telegraph direct to your email and WhatsApp? Sign up to our free twice-daily  Front Page newsletter and new  audio briefings. “Compliance with consumer protection law is an important way to ensure that students have the right information to make informed decisions about what and where to study and are treated fairly when they get there.”The CMA declined to comment on whether they would be taking action against the University of Liverpool. The University of Liverpool has also been criticised by its students for setting “extortionate” rent prices. Rory Hughes, president of the Liverpool Guild of Students, said: “The University of Liverpool has one of the most extortionate rent portfolios for halls of residence in the country, in one of the cheapest student cities to live. “Currently, the average rent in halls is more than 110 per cent of the average student’s maintenance loan.”Last academic year, 16 per cent of students failed to pay their rent on time and are therefore subject to academic sanctions, compared to the national average of 1.7 per cent, according to The Tab student paper. A spokesman for the University of Liverpool said: “We always seek to deal with these matters in a fair and proportionate way and we are of course aware of the guidance provided by the CMA.“The University keeps its approach to sanctions for non-payment of residential costs under review and is working with the Liverpool Guild of Students and others to discuss this, and additional support for students in arrears.”   Students have been banned from accessing university emails and shut out from campus libraries after failing to pay rent, it has been revealed.  Undergraduates at the University of Liverpool who live in university-owned accommodation and are unable to pay their rent on time are being handed “academic sanctions”, contrary to Competition and Markets Authority (CMA) guidance. Punishments include being locked out the library and being denied access to their university account which allows students to submit coursework and respond to emails. Students are not allowed to enroll for the next academic year if their rent remains unpaid.They could even be prevented from graduating if their debts have not been paid off, according to the university’s guidance. Academic penalties for non-academic debt are prohibited by the CMA.–– ADVERTISEMENT ––In 2017, 687 Liverpool students were given sanctions. It was found that they are subsequently 12.9 per cent less likely to successfully complete the year and were almost twice as likely to resit exams, according to the university’s assessment feedback working group.In July 2016, the CMA published an open letter to all British universities telling them that they could “no longer apply academic sanctions when students are in non-academic debt”. Nisha Arora, the CMA director, has previously said: “Students shouldn’t be prevented from graduating or re-enrolling because they owe money for accommodation or other non-academic services. read more

Royal Family celebrate 50 years since the Prince of Waless investiture

Half a century later, in the ballroom of Buckingham Palace, that service was recognised by his family, friends and Welsh charities he has helped along the way, as Justin Welby, the Archbishop of Canterbury, told him “never in the history” of the role of Prince of Wales has there been “such honourable fulfilling” of that promise. On July 1 1969, under the grey skies of Caernarfon Castle, a solemn Prince Charles pledged “Ich Dien”: spelling out his determination to serve in front of the Queen and the watching nation of Wales. At a reception celebrating the 50th anniversary of his investiture, he was joined by his mother, wife, two sons and two daughters-in-law who rallied to celebrate him with…

Donald Trump thinks Duchess of Sussex is very nice after row over

He said he congratulated Harry, who recently became a father, calling him a “terrific guy”.Asked about rumours that the prince did not want to speak to him, he said: “No, no, no, just the opposite.”In fact, he spent a lot of time talking to Ivanka and talking to my family.”I went up – he couldn’t have been nicer. Couldn’t have been nicer… I think he’s great.”Mr Trump also spoke about the NHS, post Brexit trade deals and Jeremy Corbyn during the interview, which will be shown from 6am on Wednesday.Want the best of The Telegraph direct to your email and WhatsApp? Sign up to our free twice-daily Front Page newsletter and new audio briefings. Mr Trump added that her husband, the Duke of Sussex, “couldn’t have been nicer” when they met on Monday. US President Donald Trump has clarified his remarks about the Duchess of Sussex after it was widely reported that he had called her nasty.In a recent interview with the Sun newspaper, Mr Trump said he was unaware that Meghan had previously suggested she would leave the US if he won the 2016 presidential election, adding: “I didn’t know that she was nasty.”Meghan has been a vocal critic of the US president in the past and backed his political rival Hillary Clinton.The US leader told ITV’s Good Morning Britain during his state visit to the UK that he was saying in the interview that he had not known that Meghan had been nasty about him.He told presenter Piers Morgan during an interview in the Churchill War Rooms: “They said some of the things that she said and it’s actually on tape. “And I said: ‘Well, I didn’t know she was nasty’. I wasn’t referring to she’s nasty. I said she was nasty about me. And essentially I didn’t know she was nasty about me.”He added: “You know what? She’s doing a good job, I hope she enjoys her life… I think she’s very nice.”LA-born Meghan will not be present during the President’s state visit after giving birth to her son Archie almost four weeks ago. read more

Fundraising appeal set up for cyclist ordered to pay £100000 after colliding

A cyclist who knocked over a yoga teacher while she stared at her phone in the road has attacked claim culture, as it emerges he is facing a £100,000 court bill.Gemma Brushett, 28, was knocked unconscious and suffered damage to her front teeth and facial scars when commuter Robert Hazeldean crashed into her as she crossed a central London street on July 20, 2015.  But despite a judge saying she is “equally to blame for the accident”, he has been ordered to pay Ms Brushett, who is also a finance worker, compensation and court costs.At Central London County Court, Judge Shanti Mauger awarded her £4,161.79 in damages but also said Mr Hazeldean, who now lives in France, would also have to foot most of the bill for the two-day court case, estimated at about £100,000.”Ms Brushett and Mr Hazeldean were equally culpable in this accident and Mr Hazeldean, for whatever reason, hasn’t made a claim and so only Ms Brushett is getting a payout,” she said. He also warned cyclists may not be aware that they can counterclaim. He said: “This was not because I was not injured, but because I do not advocate the claim culture. Had I had legal representation at the time of preparing my defence, I would have taken those steps to protect myself.”He added: “I can only hope that the focus on this case highlights the vulnerability of cyclists.” His solicitor, Emma Farrell, said Mr Hazeldean had initially fought the claim without the help of lawyers, due to the cost involved.Ms Brushett was one of a “throng” of people trying to cross the road at the start of rush hour when the accident occurred. She was looking at her mobile phone when crossing the road from east to west and only noticed Mr Hazeldean approaching at the last moment, Central London County Court was told.She “panicked” and tried to dodge back to a traffic island, but the cyclist, who had been travelling at between 10-15mph, swerved in the same direction and hit her.Both Ms Brushett and Mr Hazeldean were knocked out by the impact.The exact figure he will have to pay will be decided at a later date, but the court heard between them the parties have racked up over £100,000 in bills. Robert HazeldeanCredit:Triangle News Robert Hazeldean Want the best of The Telegraph direct to your email and WhatsApp? Sign up to our free twice-daily  Front Page newsletter and new  audio briefings. Close friend Brittany Maher-Kirk has now set up a GoFundMe page in order to help Mr Hazeldean pay his legal bill.On Twitter, she said: “The courts have not only failed Robert today but have set a dangerous precedent for cyclists across the country.”This about so much more than one man on his way home from work.”I’m hoping to raise enough to cover all of Robert’s costs. If I, by some miracle, raise more, then I will donate the rest to @ActionAidUK Robert has sponsored a child through them for 13 years and has had to stop because of financial pressures.” Speaking afterwards, Mr Hazeldean said the ruling would leave him bankrupt and spoke of his regret in not bringing a claim against Ms Brushett himself.  He said: “I am of course deeply disappointed with the outcome, reeling from the impact it will have on my life, and concerned by the precedent that it might set for other cyclists.” read more